One day when we were little my dad went to the store and got us all these supersoakers and to surprise us.  We ran around our yard and had a giant waterfight and it was really fun!  So my mom found them in the garage and brought them down to Los Alamos this year.  After we played tennis one morning we were all pretty hot so we decided to have a water fight in the back yard.  Our yard isn’t really that big so it was a pretty funny fight since there was really nowhere to run!

Emmy picks out her presents for Daddy’s bday!  So this year she had picked out a transformers supersoaker!! Since the rest of us were using 15 year old guns he by far had the best gun!  Emmy’s was also pretty new!  She got it from Max and Kath for Christmas!  I think that Logan and Josh might have got some too so next time they come we will have to let them all have a water fight so Emmy can pick on someone her own size! 🙂

Alex and Christian teaming up on Christina while Emmy cheers them on!

Alex trying to dump his entire tank of water on my dad!

I love Alex’s face in this one!  So determined!!

Doesn’t my little girl look cute with a giant gun in her arms! haha 🙂

Kaylee and I stayed safely on the steps with a camera for our shield!  My mom took this one for me!

Once I handed the camera to my mom I got pulled into battle!  (Also those sun glasses were found in the garage in Spokane!  My sisters and I all had a pair when we were younger!! Hot orange and hot pink are still sweet colors!)

Here’s  Grandpa and Kaylee minding their own business…

When all of a sudden a big bully comes and dumps water on both of them!! That crazy daddy!  Anyway, the water fight was just good clean fun!  🙂