Vote for Emmy!!

Hey There! So I’m going a little out of order but I just entered Emeline in a Disney photo contest and wanted to post it so that you could vote for her!  If she gets the most votes she could win some special princess costumes.  There is also a panel of judges who will pick one girl’s story and she will win a trip to Disney World.  Anyway, it’s kind of a long shot since there are 4,000+ girls in it but she is so stinkin’ cute!  I uploaded one for Kaylee too but it isn’t up on the website yet.  I’ll let you know when it is!  Anyway, here is the link…it’s on my facebook too and you can even post it to your facebook profiles and tell all your friends to vote for it!  I’m pretty sure you can vote for it once a day! So tell all your friends and keep voting!  Thanks!

And since this is a blog post…here is the picture as well!

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