Tennis Anyone?

So…how is everyone??  It’s been a while!  What a crazy busy and fun summer we had!!  I can’t believe that I haven’t posted anything since the 4th of July!  Which was a very fun trip and very fun posts…so at least we ended on a really good note!  The rest of the summer was fun also and so…now that Emmy is in school and Kaylee is on a nice nap schedule and things are calming down I can continue the epic of the Baker Family summer!

We begin on a warm summer day in June…(fade to pictures)…

My sister Christina is a really good Tennis player so whenever she comes to town we always play tennis and she beats up on the rest of us! 🙂  Actually my dad and Alex are pretty good too so maybe she just beats up on me!  Anyway, the girls and I met my family over at the tennis courts one day and grandpa and Christina taught Emmy how to hit a ball!  She did pretty good!

Here’s Aunt Christina after a heated game with my dad! Kaylee was so happy to sit and watch them hit a tennis ball back and forth!

My dad and Christina!  Doesn’t my dad look good?  He has been playing tennis, going to the gym, and walking 5-10 miles a DAY!  He is doing great!!

Okay, this is one of my all time favorite pictures of Emmy!  She just looks like such a fun little kid…complete with band-aids on both scraped knees!

These pictures were taken on a different day while Christina was visiting but they were tennis pics too…so I thought I’d combine them!  And since I haven’t posted forever I figured people would be so overjoyed to have some pictures they wouldn’t even notice! 🙂

Okay, one more shot of the little cutie with her pink Royals shirt on and her band-aids!

Kaylee entertained herself by crawling around and chasing the stray tennis balls! She is on the move all the time and she is growing so fast!  What a cutie!

And finally, I had to put some pictures of Alex in!  He is a really natural tennis player and someday when we get some more time to ourselves and he can play more I bet he will be really good!  Anyway, these pictures are funny because this one is his “YES” face that he makes after a good play!

And this one is his “NO” face that he makes when he loses a point!  He gets very animated when he plays sports…Just in case some of you haven’t ever played sports with him.  I think both faces are cute though…so I thought I’d put them both in since I captured them on camera!

3 thoughts on “Tennis Anyone?

  1. We should really play tennis more often. I can’t believe we only did it once this summer. Of course, we could say the same thing about softball… both great sports. When Emmy and Kaylee are a little bigger they’ll play with us all the time, you’ll see.

  2. We played tennis zero times this summer, so you are one up on us, Alex. I did teach Logan how to throw a frisbee today, though. Go me.

    I like the “NO” face! I know the “NO” face.

    Emmy and Kaylee are SO CUTE. Love the skinned knees and the hat, and love Kaylee’s happy smile. (And Emmy’s smile too, of course.)

  3. Your girls are so so cute! We have tennis courts in our new apartment in Florida but the hand/eye coordination is just not there for me! I miss you guys a lot! Hopefully we can all get together again soon:)

    P.S. You should call me soon so I can catch you up on some things!

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