Nobody has ever heard of a Kaylee in a box!

Lately Kaylee is much more interested in the boxes things come in than with the toys themselves!  I think she looks adorable in these pictures so I thought I’d share!  These were taken at my moms house one day in July!

This is back when Kaylee was still working on her first two teeth!  (Which are now very in and very sharp)  She would chew on everything…and everyone! 🙂

Trying to get her legs under her and situated so that she can stand up!  She worked really hard for about  5 minutes! She is very determined and really works through things without getting frustrated! It is fun to watcher her problem solve!

“I told you I could do it!!”  Both of my girls have no problem showing lots of pride in their accomplishments!

Finally Kaylee makes it out of the box and comes to rest with Emmy and Mommy on the couch!

Then she gets bored of just laying there so she goes over to Grandma!  Because everyone know grandparents are way more fun than moms and dads!

Then Emmy decides she wants a picture of her but she doesn’t want to get up off my lap…so this was my attempt at taking an in focus picture from 1 foot away!

And finally…Kaylee is back for one last shot at getting Emmy up to play with her…even if it means eating her foot!  I can’t stop laughing every time I see this picture…it just some how sums up her whole personality! What a funny kid!

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  1. Okay, it’s really bugging me that I can’t remember what the quote is from this title. These are great pictures! I hadn’t seen them before, even with all the moving around of pictures on the computer I did this weekend. Think of all the silly adventures I’m missing out on while I’m at work!

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