Biker Babes!

So when we were at Pizza hut for Alex’s Birthday they had a fake tattoo dispenser.  So Aunt Christina bought one for Emmy. 

You don’t get to pick which one comes out so Emmy’s said “Sweet Love”!!  Even though it was funny, I wasn’t really thrilled with Emmy’s arm saying Sweet love…so Christina took that one and bought Emmy another one!  Emmy’s ended up saying “Together Forever”.  See, so it even ended up being really appropriate for church the next day!  🙂

Here is  a close up!  Emmy was so excited!  Now whenever she gets a stamp from school she calls it a tattoo.

2 thoughts on “Biker Babes!

  1. That’s pretty cute. I’m glad they make fake tatoos. All the fun without the pain or being permanent! I love how “together forever” was perfect for church! Always looking for the positive! Love it!

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