Aunt Annah visits!!

Toward the beginning of August my sister Annah visited!  (Also, can I just say I can’t believe tomorrow is October 1st…how am I still so behind on my blog!!)  Anyway, Annah HAD to spend most of her summer vacation doing boring things like living in France, working for the World health organization, and sight seeing most of Europe…so I’m sure she was glad that she got to come somewhere exciting like Los Alamos to end her vacation!  😉

While she was here we went down to Santa Fe and had a girls day!  In the mall they have those little toys that you can ride on and they go up and down and whatnot.  Well, usually I just let Emmy climb in them and pretend (because imagination is free!).  This time, however, she saw some other boys going up and down in the helicopter and she put two and two together and as a result got to take her first real ride in the school bus with her sister Kaylee!  As you can see Kaylee loved it!  Aunt Annah held on to Kaylee because she was trying to walk all over while the bus was bouncing up and down!

Here’s the bus in all it’s smiling glory!

We bought a pool pass this year so while Annah was here we went to relax at the pool!  Here’s a little princess enjoying some Trader Joe’s pretzels with her princess cup and princess towel!  (Did I mention she likes princesses?)

Annah attacking Christian!  Am I going to have to separate you two troublemakers?

Here’s Kaylee relaxing in her stroller after a hard day of splashing!  She going, going….

gone!  Sleeping beauty!

We all agreed to pose for this picture (even though we were in swimsuits) becuase my Mom said she would pay for the popsicles!  Woohoo!! 🙂  Thanks for visiting Aunt Annah!! We had a lot of fun!

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  1. See, you guys get to have all the fun while I’m stuck at work. Not fair. Next time I’m going to have a party at work while you guys are stuck at home. So there.

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