Alex turns 28!

In the proud tradition of Alex’s birthday we all made our annual pilgrimage to Pizza Hut for the lunch buffet!  In attendance this year were: Alex, his dad, Ray, Christian, Aaron, Bill, Me, my mom, Christina, Emmy and Kaylee!  It was super yummy and fun as always!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX!  Sorry it took me so long to post these pics!

Some people had already left when we took this picture but here are two tables of the crowd.  Alex and Christian had a pizza eating contest and you can see some of the plates stacked up on both tables!

Alex and his little girls! Happy Birthday daddy!!

So you may look at this picture and say “I didn’t know Julia had a ten year old son”.   Just kidding!  I made this cake for Alex’s birthday.   When he first got home he protested that he was a grown man and not a little kid…but you could see his eyes light up when he was saying it.  Then like 10 minutes later he said “too bad we didn’t have a Decepticon because then it could climb up the other side of the cake and they would look like they were going to battle”.  So grown man…little boy…you be the judge!  🙂 I love you Alex!

Here’s Alex with his cake!  Too bad he doesn’t like it at all!  haha!

Christina helped me make the spaghetti and meatballs for Alex’s birthday dinner!

Here’s Alex opening his brand new camera!! Our old one has been having a lot of problems so we upgraded!  The new one is great and really small!  It has been awesome to take in a purse or a pocket! Now that we take it all the time we have a ton of new pictures so I really need to catch up on the blog!

My parents got Alex this cooler for his birthday too.  But Emmy and Kaylee liked it even more than Alex!  Here they are playing in it.  What cuties!

4 thoughts on “Alex turns 28!

  1. So sad I missed Pizza Hut. 🙁 Who won the pizza-eating contest??

    The cake looks just perfect for Alex! I’m impressed with how red you got that icing. Sometimes I tell the story of how I came up with Logan’s name (Alex suggested I name him after Wolverine) and I always feel the need to qualify that my brother was not ten at the time, he was 23. 😀 I’m not exactly one to talk, though, since my favorite show is Arthur and I jam to High School Musical whenever possible. Haha!

  2. There is nothing wrong with a totally awesome Transformer’s cake!!! I mean the first movie totally rocked!! My family loves the soundtrack (the score). Scorponok is my all time fave!! Tell Alex that it’s cool in my book! ;o) Great job on the cake!!

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