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3 years old!!

Well, I really can’t believe that Emeline is already 3 years old!  It has gone so fast!  It’s crazy how some days can go so slow but then the year flies past!  Emmy wanted a Care bear birthday party so that is what we did.  This year instead of having all her friends and family over at the same time I decided to do one during the day for all her friends and then have a family get together after dinner! She had a ton of fun at both but two parties equals a lot of pictures…so I hope you all enjoy!

Here’s miss Emmy the morning of her birthday.  She was kind of up with the sun that day because she was so excited!  This was taken just a few minutes before all her friends arrived!

Here is her cake!  Some of you may remember that I did a care bear cake for my sisters birthday too (at Emmy’s request).  That turned out to be great practice for this cake!  Emeline was so excited that it was all pink!  I made this one the same way as the other one only double high so it could feed more people.

As always we got a swimming pool out.  Kath got us this one at the end of last summer so Emeline was excited to try it out this year. The giraffe sprays water out his mouth too and the kids all loved that!  Thanks Kath!

Here is the whole gang!  They are staring right into the sun for this shot but they had a fun time I promise!  haha, what cuties!

Some of Emeline’s friends gave her these pretty dress ups and jewelery.   She was so excited for all her friends to be there and super surprised that they brought her presents!  She still remembers exactly who got her each thing and talks about them all the time.

One of her friends got her this great balloon too.   She had a ton of fun moving it all around the house!  I also put this picture in because I loved the outfit she chose for the day!  Ballerina pajamas with snow boots…very fancy Nancy of her 🙂

Josh and Logan (with the help of their mom of course) knew just the perfect card to send Emeline for her birthday.  It had a picture of princesses and a mirror on it…what more could a 3 year old fashionista want!  She was very excited! Thanks you guys!

Emmy’s Great grandparents also sent her some birthday cards with a little spending cash to boot!  She was so excited to take her very own money to the store and buy something “all by herself”!  How fun!  This picture makes me laugh because it looks like she is shaking it and waiting for the money to fall out.  haha

Here’s Emeline with all her loot!

Max and Kath gave her real walkie talkies!  She loves cell phones so she was so excited to get these!  They are really cute!

Here is an up close look at them!  They are pink and purple and oh so shiny! 🙂 They look just like motorola razors (which I used to have), so I’m pretty sure Emmy thinks she got her very own cell phone!  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Baker for the really fun gift!

Alex got this shot of Emmy opening her present from Grandpa and Grandma Layman.  She saw this doll at my cousin Stacy’s house back in March and has been talking about it ever since!  It actually crawls and giggles and burps!  Super fun!  A funny thing though was that it couldn’t be shut off without taking it out of the packaging so the bag it was in kept shaking and talking every time someone moved past it!  Hilarious!

Here’s a picture of Alex taking a picture of the doll!  Plus it gives a better angle of Emmy’s face!  What a girl!

And finally, her mom and dad got Emmy her very first bike!  She is finally tall enough to rotate the pedals around so we decided it was time.  She also rides bikes at her school for physical therapy so this helps her to practice at home too!  She had a great birthday!

I just can’t believe it has already been 3 years since we were in the hospital with Emmy.  We are so glad that she is part of our family and doing so well.  She is such a happy little girl and an awesome big sister!  We love her very much!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMELINE!  (even though this post is over a month late)


So while I was putting Emmy down one night Kaylee fell asleep in Alex’s arms.  Since Emmy was still being pretty rowdy Alex laid Kaylee down in the office and she slept on the floor for a few minutes.  So we took a picture because she looked so cute!

Then, when Emmy finally quieted down we figured it was safe to bring Kaylee into their bedroom and this is what we found…

Two girls asleep on the floor!  If only their parents would buy them some beds or something! 🙂


For Christmas Kath gave us all certificates for airplane flights.  Alex and I had been planning on using them for our anniversary next year but then we found out they expired before then SO we decided to use them early!  We looked for the shortest and most available flights and ended up with Las Vegas!  We had never been before so we thought it would be fun!  It was a great weekend and we had a lot of fun!  Thanks KATH!!

Here are the girls at the window with Uncle Christian as Alex and I were leaving to head to the airport!

Another reason we chose Vegas was because of the good hotel deals!  We stayed in the Luxor for $30 a night!

Alex’s favorite part of the trip was going to the ESPN zone in New York New York.  Your table comes equipped with surround sound and a flat screen HD TV on the table!  Then you look out to a giant wall of big screen TVs each with a different sporting event to chose from.  Then you can pick which you want to listen to and tune your own tv into the game!  Plus the menu is a bunch of giant hamburgers! I have to admit it was pretty cool…but for Alex it was more like paradise!

I totally look dazed this picture!  But here we are at the ESPN ZONE!  You can see the reflection of the TVs in the glass behind us and that giant metal around the booth is a giant speaker!

“I wish I were big!”  That is such an awesome movie we had to take a picture with the fortune teller!

We went to FAO Schwartz in Caesar’s.  It was really fun to look around at.  Here’s Alex wearing his birthday princess hat!

Here’s a picture at the Venetian.  We had planned on taking a gondola ride there but since it turned out to be 16 dollars a person we decided to just take a picture instead!  For Free!

So this picture was from the pirate show at Treasure Island.  Funny story though!  This used to be the street show you could take your family to see and stuff because it was just two pirate ships blowing each other up.  But apparently they “jazzed” it up a bit since most people saw it…so now, instead of pirates fighting pirates they are fighting sirens (AKA girls in lingerie).  So this is the only picture we took of that because we spent the rest of the show trying to get out of the crowd and when that didn’t work we looked at the ground.   As we finally did walk away everyone was like “thats not the show it used to be…” So we weren’t the only ones that were surprised! I felt bad because there were a bunch of people with little kids and stuff that you could tell were really embarrassed.  I felt stupid that we were there too!   Alex’s quote from that was “when it is pirates vs. strippers nobody wins!”.  So true Alex!

Here we are playing with the camera self portrait setting while we wait for the volcano to erupt at the mirage!

Here’s our trip to Paris!  Just kidding…this is the casino Paris behind the fountains at Bellagio!

And finally, the best thing for Mormons to do in Vegas…go to M&M world!  4 floors dedicated to the making of delicious little chocolates!  They have a movie and a ride where they pretend you are a peanut being made into an m&m.

And the coolest thing was the wall of chocolate!  All the different colors you can think of!  They were like 14 dollars a pound so we didn’t actually buy any but it was cool to look at! Alex did buy a m&m flavored chapstick for Emmy and so she always smells like chocolate now! She was very excited!  And we got Kaylee’s Halloween costume there too…but you’ll have to wait for Halloween pictures to find out what it is!

Anyway, while there were some not so good things about Vegas there was also a lot of fun and free stuff to do there.  While we probably wont go back anytime soon it was fun to get away by ourselves for a little bit!