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Aunt Annah visits!!

Toward the beginning of August my sister Annah visited!  (Also, can I just say I can’t believe tomorrow is October 1st…how am I still so behind on my blog!!)  Anyway, Annah HAD to spend most of her summer vacation doing boring things like living in France, working for the World health organization, and sight seeing most of Europe…so I’m sure she was glad that she got to come somewhere exciting like Los Alamos to end her vacation!  😉

While she was here we went down to Santa Fe and had a girls day!  In the mall they have those little toys that you can ride on and they go up and down and whatnot.  Well, usually I just let Emmy climb in them and pretend (because imagination is free!).  This time, however, she saw some other boys going up and down in the helicopter and she put two and two together and as a result got to take her first real ride in the school bus with her sister Kaylee!  As you can see Kaylee loved it!  Aunt Annah held on to Kaylee because she was trying to walk all over while the bus was bouncing up and down!

Here’s the bus in all it’s smiling glory!

We bought a pool pass this year so while Annah was here we went to relax at the pool!  Here’s a little princess enjoying some Trader Joe’s pretzels with her princess cup and princess towel!  (Did I mention she likes princesses?)

Annah attacking Christian!  Am I going to have to separate you two troublemakers?

Here’s Kaylee relaxing in her stroller after a hard day of splashing!  She going, going….

gone!  Sleeping beauty!

We all agreed to pose for this picture (even though we were in swimsuits) becuase my Mom said she would pay for the popsicles!  Woohoo!! 🙂  Thanks for visiting Aunt Annah!! We had a lot of fun!

Uncle Ray…Rescue Ranger!!

So this summer some of our friends, the Masons, came to visit!  We had a great time with them while they were here!  Emmy and Eldon are just a few months apart and always get along great!  The Mason’s daughter Lily is a doll too! While they were here we hung out, went hiking and went to the duck pond.  I forgot a hat for Kaylee on the hike so she had to wear a swim diaper on her head!  I wish I had the picture!  It was super fun to see them!

Anyway, you may be thinking…what does this all have to do with Uncle Ray!  Well…when we went to the duck pond we had a great time throwing bread pieces to the birds.  Then when we ran out of bread so Eldon threw my car keys into the middle of the pond!  He has a pretty good arm too 🙂  Anyway, as I started calling around about Honda keys I found out that it was going to be like 100 dollars to replace since they put a chip in it to sync it to your car…blah blah blah… So Ray took a rake down to the pond and Emmy showed him where to comb for it!  AND he had to wade into the pond like 6 inches up his leg!  So that is what makes him a hero right there because I wasn’t going in after them!  Anyway, after only like 5 minutes he had a crowd accumulated to watch him and after only 10 minutes he pulled up the keys!

He took them home and cleaned them using rubbing alcohol and the remote still works!  I couldn’t believe it!

Here is Ray at Ruby K’s with the van key!  We took him out to eat there as a reward!  I even made him pose for this picture so I could do a blog post about it!  Thanks Uncle Ray!

Park Pics

I take about a billion pictures every time we go to the park so I thought I’d combine some of my best pictures and make a post!  I put away the girls shorts and things and unpacked their winter clothes so I needed a summer-ish post!  (funny side note:  I just barely put away Emmy’s 12 month clothes like 3 months ago when she outgrew them…and I just got them back out for Kaylee who already needs them!!)

Here’s Daddy helping Emmy with her brand new bike!!  Her legs are finally long enough to move the pedal in a full circle!  Good job Emeline!

Kaylee loves the tunnels at the park!  She can already navigate them all by herself!  They are one of Emmy’s favorite things too!

This picture took about 3 trips to the park to take!! They would both always look out the holes but never for more than about 5 seconds!  So I had to be ready and fast with the camera!  And I never was…but I finally got it with the help of my mom!

What a cutie pie!

Emmy is so proud that she can go up the ladders and down the slides all by herself!  A few months ago a little girl kept pushing Emmy from behind and telling her she was going to slow on the slides!  Emmy was kind of upset…but the next time we went to the park she told me to time her!  And she would go up the ladder and down the slide over and over again and make me count!  She is one determined little girl!  Good job Emeline!

Here she is coming down the big slide!

I love this face!

Kaylee is definitely our little Maggie Simpson!  She always has a pacifier when she’s on the go!

Here is Emmy on the “Big Girl” swings.  As she always reminds us, “I am getting so BIG!”

Vote for Emmy!!

Hey There! So I’m going a little out of order but I just entered Emeline in a Disney photo contest and wanted to post it so that you could vote for her!  If she gets the most votes she could win some special princess costumes.  There is also a panel of judges who will pick one girl’s story and she will win a trip to Disney World.  Anyway, it’s kind of a long shot since there are 4,000+ girls in it but she is so stinkin’ cute!  I uploaded one for Kaylee too but it isn’t up on the website yet.  I’ll let you know when it is!  Anyway, here is the link…it’s on my facebook too and you can even post it to your facebook profiles and tell all your friends to vote for it!  I’m pretty sure you can vote for it once a day! So tell all your friends and keep voting!  Thanks!

And since this is a blog post…here is the picture as well!

3 years old!!

Well, I really can’t believe that Emeline is already 3 years old!  It has gone so fast!  It’s crazy how some days can go so slow but then the year flies past!  Emmy wanted a Care bear birthday party so that is what we did.  This year instead of having all her friends and family over at the same time I decided to do one during the day for all her friends and then have a family get together after dinner! She had a ton of fun at both but two parties equals a lot of pictures…so I hope you all enjoy!

Here’s miss Emmy the morning of her birthday.  She was kind of up with the sun that day because she was so excited!  This was taken just a few minutes before all her friends arrived!

Here is her cake!  Some of you may remember that I did a care bear cake for my sisters birthday too (at Emmy’s request).  That turned out to be great practice for this cake!  Emeline was so excited that it was all pink!  I made this one the same way as the other one only double high so it could feed more people.

As always we got a swimming pool out.  Kath got us this one at the end of last summer so Emeline was excited to try it out this year. The giraffe sprays water out his mouth too and the kids all loved that!  Thanks Kath!

Here is the whole gang!  They are staring right into the sun for this shot but they had a fun time I promise!  haha, what cuties!

Some of Emeline’s friends gave her these pretty dress ups and jewelery.   She was so excited for all her friends to be there and super surprised that they brought her presents!  She still remembers exactly who got her each thing and talks about them all the time.

One of her friends got her this great balloon too.   She had a ton of fun moving it all around the house!  I also put this picture in because I loved the outfit she chose for the day!  Ballerina pajamas with snow boots…very fancy Nancy of her 🙂

Josh and Logan (with the help of their mom of course) knew just the perfect card to send Emeline for her birthday.  It had a picture of princesses and a mirror on it…what more could a 3 year old fashionista want!  She was very excited! Thanks you guys!

Emmy’s Great grandparents also sent her some birthday cards with a little spending cash to boot!  She was so excited to take her very own money to the store and buy something “all by herself”!  How fun!  This picture makes me laugh because it looks like she is shaking it and waiting for the money to fall out.  haha

Here’s Emeline with all her loot!

Max and Kath gave her real walkie talkies!  She loves cell phones so she was so excited to get these!  They are really cute!

Here is an up close look at them!  They are pink and purple and oh so shiny! 🙂 They look just like motorola razors (which I used to have), so I’m pretty sure Emmy thinks she got her very own cell phone!  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Baker for the really fun gift!

Alex got this shot of Emmy opening her present from Grandpa and Grandma Layman.  She saw this doll at my cousin Stacy’s house back in March and has been talking about it ever since!  It actually crawls and giggles and burps!  Super fun!  A funny thing though was that it couldn’t be shut off without taking it out of the packaging so the bag it was in kept shaking and talking every time someone moved past it!  Hilarious!

Here’s a picture of Alex taking a picture of the doll!  Plus it gives a better angle of Emmy’s face!  What a girl!

And finally, her mom and dad got Emmy her very first bike!  She is finally tall enough to rotate the pedals around so we decided it was time.  She also rides bikes at her school for physical therapy so this helps her to practice at home too!  She had a great birthday!

I just can’t believe it has already been 3 years since we were in the hospital with Emmy.  We are so glad that she is part of our family and doing so well.  She is such a happy little girl and an awesome big sister!  We love her very much!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMELINE!  (even though this post is over a month late)