Sunday is the day of rest…

So I don’t know if this is really blog worthy but I thought these were funny pictures (taken by Alex) and I wanted to include them in our blog!  Emmy doesn’t really take naps anymore, which means earlier bedtime, but the days can get pretty long!  So on Sundays our new tradition is to get Kaylee down for a nap and then put on Wall-E (YAWN) and fall asleep on the couch together.  Alex usually does home teaching after church so the first time we did this he came home to find Emmy and I asleep on the couch and Kaylee asleep in her swing.  He thought is was hilarious so he took a picture…and he has taken a picture of us every time we do it!  Here are two of the best ones.  He had a picture with Kaylee in it too but the window was too bright so it didn’t turn out!  But she is there too in her swing!

Enjoying our big afghan made by Grandma Kath!

Okay, I think Emmy’s arm looks like I have a giant double chin!  Hopefully not a vision of things to come!  🙂  Good thing I’ve been sticking with my elliptical!

One thought on “Sunday is the day of rest…

  1. I love that Alex took pictures of this and that you blogged it! This is definitely a tradition that should go in your family history.

    Turning on WALL-E at this house doesn’t have quite the same effect … :-/

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