Happy Birthday U.S.A

Happy 4th of July!! Sorry we are about 3 weeks late in blogging about it!  But we had a ton of fun!  Here are some pictures from that day’s events!

This picture is a little out of order but I like it so much I wanted it at the top of my post!  Look how patriotic they look!  Sparkle sparkle!

We started the day off by going to Beth and Nathan’s ward breakfast!  Nathan made some of the pancakes for the breakfast and they were great!  After the breakfast they had a little parade for all the primary and nursery kids!  Since Emmy doesn’t have a bike…yet… (can someone say Birthday!!) Alex pushed Emmy and Kaylee around in the Given’s bike trailer!  Emmy thought it was the coolest thing ever!

So all the kids were lined up and when the whistle blew to start the parade most kids thought it was a race and they all took off!!  Except for Josh!  He was so cute on his little bike!  He had this face the whole time that seemed to say “don’t those kids realize they are going in circles?”  It totally cracked us up!

After the parade was over Josh was nice enough to share his bike with Emmy!  She immediately took off around the circle.  When I called to her to take a picture she quickly paused and yelled cheese and then she was on her way! Luckily I was already perched on the sidewalk with the camera!

Emmy and Logan saying cheese while on their bikes!  They must be cousins!

The whole Fam after breakfast!!

That night we had some sparklers and poppers for the kids to do!  They did great and had tons of fun with them!  Logan and Emmy liked the sparklers most and Josh really liked the poppers!

Here’s a close up of Kaylee and her daddy!  We had to go buy some headbands after a couple people thought she was a boy at the ward breakfast!  I think these little butterflies did the trick!  I think she looks very girlie!  Cutie pie!

Here’s Beth looking very 4 of July-ish!

Girl’s just wanna have fun!!

Emmy and her sparkler!  She had fun making designs in the air!  If you look close you can see the accumulating pile of used sparklers on the ground.

I thought this was a really cute picture of Logan with his sparkler!  They seemed to have a ton of fun!

Happy 4th of July everybody!!!

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  1. Did people really think Kaylee was a boy?? All I remember are all the comments about how they were just SO CUTE. Seriously, people would wander over just to look at them in their little matching outfits and comment on how adorable they were.

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