Fun with books!

In the last post I mentioned that Kaylee loves to climb on things!  Well about a week after those other pictures were taken my sister Christina was visiting.  We had both run in to the kitchen for a minute when suddenly we heard Emmy start laughing and some kind of growling/grunting coming from the other room.  So we went in to find what all the fuss was about and this is the scene we saw….

“Oh, hey mom!  I was just doing some light reading…”

“Okay, really, put the camera down and get me out of here!!”

Emmy to the rescue!!  Emmy finally came and told Kaylee how to get herself unstuck.  This picture cracks me up because it looks like Kaylee is really deep in thought about what Emmy is saying!

And finally she makes it!!  I don’t have a picture where she is totally out but she did make it and even lived to tell the tale!!

There are some really cute pictures of Christina and the girls to follow these up!! But you will have to check back tomorrow for the thrilling conclusion…

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