Beauty Shops and Birthday Parties!

Christina came and visited in June for a week!  She was really here to help my dad who was recovering from a leg infection so we didn’t go do too much but we did get to hang out and have some fun!

While Christina was here she painted Emmy’s nails for the first time!  She had been begging me for a while (she is such a girly girl) and I told her Aunt Christina could do it when she came!  So as soon as we picked Christina up at the airport Emmy asked for her nails to be painted!  So Emmy and I went and picked out a color and Christina painted them!  She picked bright pink…who would have guessed!  She is trying to model them here but I don’t really see the color!  I do see some cute smiles though!

Emmy loves to play beauty shop!  The name of her shop should be “pain is beauty” or vice versa!  Aunt Christina loved it though!

Here’s Emmy trying to hide in the DVD cabinet!  She thinks if she can hide her face then you can’t see her!

Christina’s b-day was the day after she left so we had a little party for her while she was here!  She remembered that when Emmy saw Santa Claus at Christmas she asked for a care bear cake.  Since Santa didn’t bring it at Christmas…Christina asked for one for her b-day.  Emmy was ecstatic!  It was good practice for me because Emmy wants a care bear party for her birthday next month.  Only she wants Cheer bear…or in her words, the pink one with the rainbow tummy.  Anyway, this cake was really easy to make.  Here is what I did.  Using one cake mix I made 5 cupcakes and two 9-inch round cakes.  Put the two round cakes together and used 4 cupcakes as hands and feet.  Then I cut the 5th cupcake in half and made the ears!  I think next time I would use 2 mixes and make it double high.  Since I separated out the batter for the cupcakes the round cakes were kind of thin and having two layers would be a lot better.  Anyway!  That’s how to make a big headed care bear! 🙂  Decorate it however you like!

Baseball in the back yard!  Alex has been teaching Emmy baseball and she is always very excited to pass on her knowledge of the sport to anyone who will play!

Grandma and the girls!

Getting Emmy to look at the camera is getting harder and harder!  But she had a great time playing ball with Grandma and Aunt Christina!

“Here Aunt Christina…Let me help you finish that!!”  This was taken about 1 second before that entire plate landed in Kaylee’s and Christina’s laps. Perhaps I should have grabbed the plate instead of the camera! 🙂

Alex trying get Emmy to stick out her tongue!  Funny story about this picture.  At girls camp you can turn in your cameras and they make a slide show with all your girls camp pics.  However, I had about 5 pictures from home on mine and this was one of them…so the lady putting it together stuck this in.  So this displayed on the big screen for all the young women and their leaders to see!  Alex was thrilled when I told him!

Happy Birthday Aunt Christina!! We love you!

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