Daily Archives: July 24, 2009

Denver: Part C

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday we went to church with the Givens, went swimming and went geocaching!  Lots of fun ensued and resulted in many cute pictures…

Here’s all the kiddos dressed up for church!  What good lookin’ kids!

They had an awesome pool called H2O’Brien!  It had water slides, a splash ground, a big tower for the kids to climb on with all kinds of water contraptions to splash, shoot, dump, etc!  It was a lot of fun!  I wish I’d taken more pictures of the actual pool itself because it was super awesome!  But there were these two cute little girls that got most of my attention.  Here is picture of one of them enjoying the sun!

Here’s Emmy working on her tan!  She always sees others laying out in the sun at our pool in Los Alamos so she wants to also!  She is kind of a diva! 🙂 But she tans really well for a little girl even when she is covered in gobs of sunblock so more power to her!

On the kid tower there were three slides.  Two were long tunnel ones and one was a small looking curly slide.  Emmy immediately wanted to go down the little curly slide.  It looked the least intimidating of the three so we took her up to go down it.  I was at the top and Alex was at the bottom.  When she left my arms she was super excited but Alex said by the time she got to the bottom she was terrified.  Turns out that slide was the hardest one because it dumps water down it really fast so Emmy (little as she is) was moving pretty fast and couldn’t keep her head up!  So then she didn’t want anything to do with the other slides.  It was kind of funny because two ladies heard us talking about it and they were like “you sent her down the yellow one??  You have to start them on the blue ones and work up to the yellow one.  It looks calm but it’s the worst”  Haha!  Who knew!  Anyway, we finally convinced her to go down a blue one.  She wasn’t thrilled but she was happy after the fact that she had done it!  This pic was taken right after she went down the blue slide!

Kaylee and mommy took a nap in the sun while the others kept playing!

The next morning I woke up to find out that Emmy was already awake!  She was upstairs with her two cousins and her Aunt Beth.  Beth had been nice and let Alex and I keep sleeping.  When I came upstairs I found them playing bus with the dining room chairs!

On Tuesday we went geocaching.  We had a lot of fun and found the cache to boot!  Here are Beth and Josh leading the way!

Here we are after we found the treasure!  We are on top of a giant tunnel for water!

When we got home Alex taught the kids how to play baseball!

After the geocaching we traded babysitting with the Givens so that we could both go on dates!  Alex and I went out to a really yummy restaurant called Carino’s.  We had Italian sodas and everything.  Then the Givens went to Chili’s and we took the kids to the park!  On the way home all the kids wanted to ride in the stroller so Josh climbed in the bottom and Alex carried Kaylee so Logan and Emmy could ride in the stroller!  They had a ton of fun!

Well that concludes the third part of our Denver trip!  Kaylee just woke up from her nap so I will have to do the last Denver post later!  Look back tonight or tomorrow!