Daily Archives: July 16, 2009

Dance, Dance, Dance

Emmy got some cool new jammies that look like a ballet outfit!  She loves them and wants to wear them pretty much every day and every night!  The first night she wore them she was dancing all over the place!  I should have got the video camera but I grabbed the regular camera because it was closest. Here is her dance…

Touch your head!

Touch your toes!

Shake your hips and do your best impression of Betty Boop!

This picture was taken on another day but since it was the same outfit I thought I’d lump them all in together!  The last day of camp was really rainy so the next Monday I had to clean the tent and all my gear off.  My mom came over and helped me.  While we were hanging the tarps up to dry little miss Emmy helped herself to some free entertainment.  She totally cracks me up!  She was drenched!

She kept swiping the water above her head then she’d look up and get a big face full of water!

What a silly and cute little girl!  There is never a dull moment when Emmy is around!  We love you!