Daily Archives: July 10, 2009

Graduation Day!!

So about a month ago our very own Alex Baker GRADUATED!!  And despite the lateness of my blog post we are super super excited!  Life without homework has been awesome for our family and we are really enjoying it!  We decided to go down for the graduation festivities in Albuquerque so that Alex could wear his super cool masters robe and hood.  Plus Albuquerque has much better places to celebrate (such as Gardunos). Thanks Max and Kath!

UNM reads all the graduates names at both their commencement and convocation ceremonies so we got to hear daddy’s name read at both.  This first picture was taken at the commencement ceremonies in the morning!  It was a very New Mexican ceremony complete with mariachi band.

The first graduation was in the rodeo grounds and it was a really windy day so the sand in the face parking lot kind of aggravated the girls (not to mention their mom!) BUT, The second ceremony was a lot smaller and in a much cooler and less crowded building which was nice for the girls!  Here is pic of Grandpa entertaining a very restless Emmy!

Just by luck we sat right accross the aisle from Alex so we got to take some fun shots!  Here is Alex with the rest of his Computer Science Master Student friends!  What a good looking college boy he is!

Here is the first picture of Alex after he officially graduated!  Does he look different?

Alex and his cheerleaders!  (Emmy by this point knows that there is cake in the lobby so she is eager to go!) 🙂

Alex, Emmy and Grandpa!

And finally a picture of his graduation hood!  Becuase I think it looks cool!