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Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Jacks

Alex really loves baseball so we went to a Rockies game while we were in Denver too!  Here are some pics from the big event.

Here’s a picture of the field from our seats!  It was a really fun stadium and we got there early so Alex could show us around!  He had been there twice already!  Once for a regular season game and once for the World series against Boston.  What a lucky guy!

When we first got there is was raining really hard so here we are waiting in the car for the sun to start shining!

They had a little playground at the park and this statue was out in front of it.

Here’s a picture of the Given Family outside the stadium!  When it stopped raining the sky was totally clear and it turned into a beautiful day for a game!

And here’s a picture of our family in front of the field!  Can you see our seats?  They are way up top behind home plate!

We didn’t buy a seat for Kaylee or Joshua!  But it worked out fine because Emmy is small enough that you she shared her seat with Josh!  Here they are enjoying the game and some goldfish!

Alex and his wife, me, at the game! 😉

Marcus and his wife were in town while we were there too.  We met them at the game and we got to go to lunch with them on another day as well.  Here we all are after the game!  The Rockies won by the way, 1 to 0.

Well, that concludes are fabulous trip to Denver!  Hope you all enjoyed!

Denver: Part C

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday we went to church with the Givens, went swimming and went geocaching!  Lots of fun ensued and resulted in many cute pictures…

Here’s all the kiddos dressed up for church!  What good lookin’ kids!

They had an awesome pool called H2O’Brien!  It had water slides, a splash ground, a big tower for the kids to climb on with all kinds of water contraptions to splash, shoot, dump, etc!  It was a lot of fun!  I wish I’d taken more pictures of the actual pool itself because it was super awesome!  But there were these two cute little girls that got most of my attention.  Here is picture of one of them enjoying the sun!

Here’s Emmy working on her tan!  She always sees others laying out in the sun at our pool in Los Alamos so she wants to also!  She is kind of a diva! 🙂 But she tans really well for a little girl even when she is covered in gobs of sunblock so more power to her!

On the kid tower there were three slides.  Two were long tunnel ones and one was a small looking curly slide.  Emmy immediately wanted to go down the little curly slide.  It looked the least intimidating of the three so we took her up to go down it.  I was at the top and Alex was at the bottom.  When she left my arms she was super excited but Alex said by the time she got to the bottom she was terrified.  Turns out that slide was the hardest one because it dumps water down it really fast so Emmy (little as she is) was moving pretty fast and couldn’t keep her head up!  So then she didn’t want anything to do with the other slides.  It was kind of funny because two ladies heard us talking about it and they were like “you sent her down the yellow one??  You have to start them on the blue ones and work up to the yellow one.  It looks calm but it’s the worst”  Haha!  Who knew!  Anyway, we finally convinced her to go down a blue one.  She wasn’t thrilled but she was happy after the fact that she had done it!  This pic was taken right after she went down the blue slide!

Kaylee and mommy took a nap in the sun while the others kept playing!

The next morning I woke up to find out that Emmy was already awake!  She was upstairs with her two cousins and her Aunt Beth.  Beth had been nice and let Alex and I keep sleeping.  When I came upstairs I found them playing bus with the dining room chairs!

On Tuesday we went geocaching.  We had a lot of fun and found the cache to boot!  Here are Beth and Josh leading the way!

Here we are after we found the treasure!  We are on top of a giant tunnel for water!

When we got home Alex taught the kids how to play baseball!

After the geocaching we traded babysitting with the Givens so that we could both go on dates!  Alex and I went out to a really yummy restaurant called Carino’s.  We had Italian sodas and everything.  Then the Givens went to Chili’s and we took the kids to the park!  On the way home all the kids wanted to ride in the stroller so Josh climbed in the bottom and Alex carried Kaylee so Logan and Emmy could ride in the stroller!  They had a ton of fun!

Well that concludes the third part of our Denver trip!  Kaylee just woke up from her nap so I will have to do the last Denver post later!  Look back tonight or tomorrow!

Happy Birthday U.S.A

Happy 4th of July!! Sorry we are about 3 weeks late in blogging about it!  But we had a ton of fun!  Here are some pictures from that day’s events!

This picture is a little out of order but I like it so much I wanted it at the top of my post!  Look how patriotic they look!  Sparkle sparkle!

We started the day off by going to Beth and Nathan’s ward breakfast!  Nathan made some of the pancakes for the breakfast and they were great!  After the breakfast they had a little parade for all the primary and nursery kids!  Since Emmy doesn’t have a bike…yet… (can someone say Birthday!!) Alex pushed Emmy and Kaylee around in the Given’s bike trailer!  Emmy thought it was the coolest thing ever!

So all the kids were lined up and when the whistle blew to start the parade most kids thought it was a race and they all took off!!  Except for Josh!  He was so cute on his little bike!  He had this face the whole time that seemed to say “don’t those kids realize they are going in circles?”  It totally cracked us up!

After the parade was over Josh was nice enough to share his bike with Emmy!  She immediately took off around the circle.  When I called to her to take a picture she quickly paused and yelled cheese and then she was on her way! Luckily I was already perched on the sidewalk with the camera!

Emmy and Logan saying cheese while on their bikes!  They must be cousins!

The whole Fam after breakfast!!

That night we had some sparklers and poppers for the kids to do!  They did great and had tons of fun with them!  Logan and Emmy liked the sparklers most and Josh really liked the poppers!

Here’s a close up of Kaylee and her daddy!  We had to go buy some headbands after a couple people thought she was a boy at the ward breakfast!  I think these little butterflies did the trick!  I think she looks very girlie!  Cutie pie!

Here’s Beth looking very 4 of July-ish!

Girl’s just wanna have fun!!

Emmy and her sparkler!  She had fun making designs in the air!  If you look close you can see the accumulating pile of used sparklers on the ground.

I thought this was a really cute picture of Logan with his sparkler!  They seemed to have a ton of fun!

Happy 4th of July everybody!!!

Denver: Part the First

We went to Denver over the 4th of July weekend to visit Alex’s sister and her family!  We had an awesome time!  So awesome that we have like 100 pictures!! It was too hard to narrow down the pictures into one post so I’m going to do a few of them!! They had a lot of fun activities for us to do and seeing as we are small town people now we were excited to see all Denver had to offer!! Here are some pictures from our first few days there!

Here are all the kids playing with the fun marble toy Grandma Kath sent to the boys!  I think the big kid in the back had the most fun!

And here is another picture with everyone smiling!

The next day we went to a splash ground at one of the outdoor malls near Beth and Nathan’s house.  Emmy was a little nervous at first but she got the hang of it when she saw her cousins running through it!

All the kids decided it would be much more fun if the daddies came in too!  So Alex and Nathan ran through clothes and all!  They were pretty well soaked!  A little boy tripped close to Alex and dropped his toy.  Alex bent over to pick it up for him and didn’t realize his face was right over one of the holes and the water shot him in the face!  I didn’t see it but Nathan said it was pretty funny!

Here is Kaylee laughing at daddy getting wet!  She had a lot of fun watching all the kids running around the mall!

After the splash ground we went to eat at Paradise Bakery (SO YUMMY!) in a different part of the mall.  These cute umbrellas were right outside the restaurant so we let the kids run around under them too since they were still in their swimsuits!

We couldn’t convince Emmy to go in at first so then we started throwing her headband in and she would go get it for us!  She thought it was hilarious!  Then she started playing it with Logan and Josh.  Then Alex started throwing his shoes in!  Then he and Nathan played horseshoes using their shoes and the bottom of the umbrella statues.

Logan, Josh and Emmy were very dilligent about retrieving the “horseshoes” for their dads!  Here they are “discussing” who will take the headband to Alex!  🙂  What cuties!

It seems like I usually have a picture of us playing Wii whenever Beth and Nathan visit! So…here we are playing Wii!! Logan really liked playing boom blox and he is pretty good too!  It was nice to relax in their awesome basement when it was really hot outside!

Here is Kaylee getting into mischief while we were playing Wii!  She had lots of fun playing with all her cousins toys!

And finally a new little skill that she picked up while in Denver!  You can’t tell in this picture but she is about 3 or 4 stairs up already!

And finally here is a picture of her “look what I can do” face!  I get to see this face a lot becuase she is always getting into something!  She is going to be walking in no time!  She is growing up so fast…(motherly sigh)…what happened to my little baby!

Okay!  Stay tuned for the next installments of our trip to Denver which include: 4th of July, a Rockies game, and more crazy fun with cousins!!

Birdie Pajamas

Here are some new and some flashback pictures!

These are Alex’s favorite pajamas of the girls.  When Emmy was about 9 months old she wore these for the first time and Alex thought they were so cute he wanted a picture!  So then when Kaylee wore them at 6 months we had to get a cute picture of her too!  It’s really obvious who is who here so I won’t make you guess.  But those are two cute little girls!  And a cute dad to boot!

So “tweet”…I mean sweet!  (Get it…tweetie bird…very clever…)

Dance, Dance, Dance

Emmy got some cool new jammies that look like a ballet outfit!  She loves them and wants to wear them pretty much every day and every night!  The first night she wore them she was dancing all over the place!  I should have got the video camera but I grabbed the regular camera because it was closest. Here is her dance…

Touch your head!

Touch your toes!

Shake your hips and do your best impression of Betty Boop!

This picture was taken on another day but since it was the same outfit I thought I’d lump them all in together!  The last day of camp was really rainy so the next Monday I had to clean the tent and all my gear off.  My mom came over and helped me.  While we were hanging the tarps up to dry little miss Emmy helped herself to some free entertainment.  She totally cracks me up!  She was drenched!

She kept swiping the water above her head then she’d look up and get a big face full of water!

What a silly and cute little girl!  There is never a dull moment when Emmy is around!  We love you!