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People, parks, and polka-dot pants

I got these little outfits for the girls at Kohl’s!  Where else!  Anyway, the whole Relief Society presidency was released so we were going to lunch with the rest of the presidency.  (So quick update…yes I was released a few weeks ago as Enrichment counselor and now I’m assistant ward camp leader and the Young Women’s Secretary!  Both of which I’m super super excited about!!) Anyway, Emmy was really excited to go to lunch with “May Anne” (Marianne Tonks) so she didn’t really want to sit for pictures! But here are the few shots I got!

Kaylee working on some crawling!! She is getting really close! She is already army crawling with a lot of speed!

The one shot I managed to get of both the girls in their little polka dot pants!

“Naturally Sweet”- very appropriate shirt!

“Free as a bird”- Pretty much sums up Emmy!

Later that day I decided to take the girls to the park to try out my new double stroller!  Ta-Da! I got this at the Little Forest Resale for 30 bucks!! It’s a “Euro-Graco” which I’ve never heard of…but I think it makes me more cultured or something!  Anyway, I really love it and although it might not be as fancy as some other double strollers it gets the job done! And for you Seinfeld fans out there “It’s European!!!”

Here’s miss Kaylee in her comfy seat!  She loved looking forward for a change!

And Emmy thinks the double stoller is the greatest thing ever!  She loves riding around with Kaylee!

It was really bright at Urban park!  Here is Emmy in the swings trying her best to smile and look at the camera!

After Urban we walked over to Mountain School.  This was our first time going and Emmy loved it!!! This playground was just her size and she could do it “all by herself” which she made sure to tell me if I walked to close to her while she was doing it! 🙂 She is going to do the early start pre-school program through Barranca but if we still live here in two years Emmy will go to Kindergarten at Mountain!

I think this pick is funny because she is wearing her Free as a bird shirt but she looks like a jail bird!

Poor Emmy…always in my shadow!  Just kidding!  She leaves me and Alex in the dust on a regular basis!


We stayed at mountain so long it was time for Daddy to come home so we told him to meet us at the park! Here is Emmy showing dad around the playground!

And finally Kaylee gets her turn to join the fun!  She loves riding down slides just like Emmy!  They are both pretty fearless so it will be interesting when I have to chase them BOTH around the playground in opposite directions!  Maybe then I will finally shed those extra pregnancy lbs!!


So I am totally behind on my blog.  I have about a million posts to do!  So I’m going to just go through the pictures in order!!  So first up is Easter!  We had a pretty low key easter which was nice.  However, it also snowed that weekend, which wasn’t so nice!  But the girls had lots of cute outfits to dress up in and they looked super cute at church!  So although there are no happy daffodils in our pictures you can still tell it is spring by the way the girls look!

Emmy was old enough to dye her own eggs this year!  For some reason she wanted most of them to be green so Alex and I made a few to use the other colors!

Three amigos!

And I was there too…see…

Kaylee thought Emmy coloring eggs was hilarious!  Kaylee thinks everything Emmy does is hilarious!

Kaylee was just working on holding her head up and rolling over at the point!  She rolled over on March 17th which was exactly 3 months after she was born!  She’s showing off her muscles in the pic!

Kaylee pretending she is the same age as Emmy!

Emmy pretending she is the same age as Kaylee!

Emmy loves piggy back rides!

So I couldn’t decide which picture of the piggy back ride to include so I’m putting in both!  This one shows off Emmy’s and Daddy’s blue eyes!

We had the Grandpa’s and Uncle Ray over for Easter dinner!  I couldn’t find a small enough ham so we did a pork roast instead.  Still very yummy! Here is Emmy and Grandpa Baker!  Showing off her candy!

Emmy and Grandpa Layman!  This time she is showing off the candy in her mouth!

Here’s Kaylee’s little easter bunny outfit…

complete with fluffy tail…

and little bunny slippers!!

In this picture I was trying  to capture the craziness that Easter candy can induce!  Notice the wide eyes and the slight trace of chocolate on the corners of her mouth!!  🙂

Happy Easter!!