When you’re smilin’

Okay Beth,  this one is for you! 🙂  As many of you know the baby smile can be quite elusive and hard to capture on camera!  However; over time I’ve been able to collect a few to share with y’all!

This is the “I just got home from church and Emmy is entertaining me” smile

This is the “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing” smile

This is the “Hey, look over here in the crib/Don’t forget about me” smile (I was taking some pictures of Emmy while I thought Kaylee was asleep.  Emmy had gotten into my makeup and we were laughing about it and all of a sudden I heard Kaylee just cracking up and kicking frantically in her crib as if to say, “Hey take a picture of me”…so I did!)

This is the “I have no teeth” smile  (Kaylee gives the cutest wide mouth smiles!)

This is the “Mom, really, enough with the camera” smile

6 thoughts on “When you’re smilin’

  1. WOOOOT!!! <— (excited aunt)

    Oh, what a cutie she is when she’s smiling!!! (And yes, I DO know how hard it can be to get that smile captured on camera!) The second-to-last is my FAVE.

    Thanks, Julia!!

  2. She looks a lot like Christina’s baby pictures!! Especially that first one! Emmy was totally Baker so it is nice that Kaylee looks a little like me! She has her daddy’s eyes though…just like Emmy.

  3. I love those pictures, they are so cute!!! I miss all of you! And I like the picture of Emmy drinking…juice 🙂

  4. Love the pictures! These are the first I have really seen up close of Kaylee. What a sweet face! So, I was thinking that the summer of 2010 we need to have another rendezvous. Where to this time, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona???

  5. You’re too sweet for commenting on my blog! I just had to check out yours too. I just love the pictures and I think Kaylee’s little Valentine outfit is too cute:)

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