Saturday Morning Fun!!

So on Saturday’s Alex and I take turns sleeping in.  This Saturday Alex let me sleep in and then I got up with the girls and he took a nap.   Emmy wanted to watch a movie in our bed so Alex went and took his nap in Emmy’s room.  While we were watching the movie Emmy kept making a tent for her dolls with the comforter.  So using my leg as a tent pole I made a tent for her and I with the comforter!  Then we decided to make an all out fort using mom and dad’s bedding!  So here are the before and afters!

We started with just a boring old bedroom…

and transformed it into a totally AWESOME fort! 🙂

Then we went and woke dad up to come see!  He wasn’t super thrilled about getting up but he had a lot of fun in the tent with Emmy!

Two expert fort builders! (Please keep in mind this was a Saturday so I hadn’t showered yet or anything! haha)

Emmy wanted to take a picture!  She’s getting a lot better!  This one actually had both of us in it!  We usually get just an arm or an extreme closeup of an eye or something!  Good work Emmy!

Emmy leading the way in!

Just making a few minor repairs to the roof!

As you can see we used  Kaylee’s crib to hold up part of the fort.   She was completely out the entire time!  What a sweetie!

5 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Fun!!

  1. You guys are crazy. I’m surprised one of Emmy’s pictures actually turned out, because she was covering up the flash most of the time.

  2. That’s a FANTASTIC picture Emmy took! You and Emmy look darling doing the same exact pose. Good fort-building, you guys.

    I can’t believe Kaylee SLEPT through the whole thing! What an angel. 🙂

  3. Oh, I have the cutest nieces ever! That was a great fort and Kaylee seems so happy all the time.

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