Happy Pi day!!

So as many of you know Saturday was also Pi day!  (March 14th…or 3/14…or 3.14….get it?)  Unfortunately with all the crazy fort building going on here we forgot to make our pie!! So we celebrated Sunday with a yummy chocolate chip pie! Plus Grandpa Layman comes over for Sunday dinner so he got to enjoy some pie too. I had never made it before but it was in the Official Nestle Cookbook…so you know it’s gotta be good!

It’s basically like a really gooey chocolate chip cookie in a pie crust.  You serve it warm with ice cream.

Emmy liked it so much she ate it with her hands!  Usually I would step in…but after all it was Pi day!

Emmy blowing chocolate kisses to her adoring public!

Alex and Kaylee getting ready to eat some pie!

3 thoughts on “Happy Pi day!!

  1. YUM.
    I noticed a lot of people celebrating Pi Day on Facebook (obviously I have a lot of friends from Los Alamos). I guess I’ve been away too long because it totally did not dawn on me. Next year I am totally celebrating it. What a delicious holiday!

  2. I would love that recipe!

    Sari’s classes also celebrated square root day – 3/3/09. I am not smart enough to catch these things, but I bet you could figure something out for almost everyday of the week – like Oreo circumference day and frozen chocolate yogurt mass week … or something really technical like that..

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