Fashion Divas!

So my new favorite thing in life is to dress Emmy and Kaylee in matching themes!  It’s like the funnest thing ever!  Luckily I have several family members who are more than happy to help me in my efforts!  Beth and Christina both gave them matching outfits for Christmas, and of course my mom gives us plenty of clothes too! (That’s what Grandmas are for!)  Anyway here are some pictures!

Aunt Beth gave us these first two!  Emmy asks to wear her princess jacket every day!  Consequently it also spends a lot of time in the hamper.   So Emmy helps keep Mom on task when it comes to doing laundry!  Kaylee’s shirt also says princess on it!  And they both really are princesses!  Also, thanks to Kath for taking these pictures for me!  The pose Emmy is doing cracks me up because that is the pose I did in every picture between the ages of 5 and 8!  Funny!

Aunt Christina gave us these little onesies for Christmas!  Kaylee’s says” little dear” and Emmy’s says “sealed with a kiss”.  Get it, get it???

Here’s a closeup of Kaylee’s little dear shirt!  She really is a little dear!

Grandma Layman gave us these matching headbands!  Emmy was really excited to wear them and she had to sit right next to Kaylee while they wore them!   Emmy gets really preoccupied with making sure that Kaylee is looking at the camera and so she is always pushing on Kaylee’s head (in fact you can see this in the pictures in their Aunt Christina outfits).  Anyway, so we’ve been working on just putting our arm around Kaylee instead!  Emmy did it all by herself this time and they looked so cute cuddling on mom and dad’s bed I had to get some pictures!

Cutie pies!  Also random side note: Kaylee is wearing the outfit Emmy came home from the hospital in!  Kaylee fills it out better though! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Fashion Divas!

  1. There are some pretty silly pictures here. I just realized that the last picture looks like Kaylee has a little tiny monkey body. Nice. And I get the joke, too. “Sealed with a kiss” and there’s a picture of a seal on it! Classic.

  2. Cah-UTE. (Is that how you spell that??)

    I’m glad Emmy likes her sweatshirt. When I saw it, I knew I must buy it for her. It looks like it’s on the smallish size but the beautiful thing about two of the same gender is that Kaylee can wear it later (I’ll just have to hunt down another Princess sweatshirt for Miss Emeline). And I love her pose! How funny you would do the same pose in pictures!!

    Anyway, I love all the matching clothes. And “sealed with a kiss” and “little deer” — so clever! Good job, Christina!

    And THANKS for more Kaylee-and-Emmy pictures!!! Kaylee is getting so big so fast, and Emmy looks cuter in ever picture I see of her. Pretty much love her blond curls … aww!

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