Daily Archives: March 5, 2009

New Blog

So I’m starting a new fitness blog if anyone is interested.  It’s actually a joint project with Christina (my sister) and Alex.  I’ve been really trying to lose the baby weight this time.  So I’ve been working out and trying to watch what I eat.   I’m actually only a few pounds away from losing all my Kaylee weight…and then I thought I’d tackle the 20 lbs. of Emmy weight I never got rid of! 🙂 Anyway,  I wanted to do a weight loss journal and Alex suggested doing it online.  Basically it’s a format where we can list our goals and keep track  of our progress and stuff. And most importantly be accountable to each other.  Kind of like a mini weight watchers thing.

So it’s not going to be public…for obvious reasons…but if you want to be a part of it you can register at losingit.fefnet.com and Alex will add you to our group.  BUT, you have to be willing to put in your information and post updates of your own!  No just getting on and looking at how much I weigh!  I mean, fair is fair.

Anyway, I’m excited and motivated!  So hopefully this will help me to stay that way!