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Lil’ Leprechauns

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!  We were packing for our trip all day but we did manage to squeeze some green in!  Here are the pics!


Emmy and Kaylee posing for pictures!  There are a ton of cute ones…but I think this is my favorite!  The rest should be in our picasa gallery if you want to check it out! Aren’t they cutie pies!  Thanks  to my mom for the cute new outfits!


Kaylee has started rolling all over the place.  Not like tummy to back (although she is getting pretty darn close) but she can kick herself around so that her head is pointing in another direction!


Here’s cute little Kaylee in her outfit from Grandma Layman!  She was such a happy girl today I couldn’t decide which picture to choose! Green is definitely her color!


Emmy working on some St. Patrick’s day coloring pages!  (This was a fun activity and gave mom some time to pack her bag for the car!)


Pancakes and eggs are a great meal to make when you have a busy day!  I had a presidency meeting tonight so breakfast was a great dinner and it was easy to turn green. Plus emmy loves the book green eggs and ham…so she thought green eggs were awesome!  I think they looked weird (thus the no pictures). This was my best attempt at a pancake clover.  I only made two and then did the rest in circles!  That’s all for now!  Check back soon for Arizona pics!!

Happy Pi day!!

So as many of you know Saturday was also Pi day!  (March 14th…or 3/14…or 3.14….get it?)  Unfortunately with all the crazy fort building going on here we forgot to make our pie!! So we celebrated Sunday with a yummy chocolate chip pie! Plus Grandpa Layman comes over for Sunday dinner so he got to enjoy some pie too. I had never made it before but it was in the Official Nestle Cookbook…so you know it’s gotta be good!

It’s basically like a really gooey chocolate chip cookie in a pie crust.  You serve it warm with ice cream.

Emmy liked it so much she ate it with her hands!  Usually I would step in…but after all it was Pi day!

Emmy blowing chocolate kisses to her adoring public!

Alex and Kaylee getting ready to eat some pie!

Saturday Morning Fun!!

So on Saturday’s Alex and I take turns sleeping in.  This Saturday Alex let me sleep in and then I got up with the girls and he took a nap.   Emmy wanted to watch a movie in our bed so Alex went and took his nap in Emmy’s room.  While we were watching the movie Emmy kept making a tent for her dolls with the comforter.  So using my leg as a tent pole I made a tent for her and I with the comforter!  Then we decided to make an all out fort using mom and dad’s bedding!  So here are the before and afters!

We started with just a boring old bedroom…

and transformed it into a totally AWESOME fort! 🙂

Then we went and woke dad up to come see!  He wasn’t super thrilled about getting up but he had a lot of fun in the tent with Emmy!

Two expert fort builders! (Please keep in mind this was a Saturday so I hadn’t showered yet or anything! haha)

Emmy wanted to take a picture!  She’s getting a lot better!  This one actually had both of us in it!  We usually get just an arm or an extreme closeup of an eye or something!  Good work Emmy!

Emmy leading the way in!

Just making a few minor repairs to the roof!

As you can see we used  Kaylee’s crib to hold up part of the fort.   She was completely out the entire time!  What a sweetie!

New Blog

So I’m starting a new fitness blog if anyone is interested.  It’s actually a joint project with Christina (my sister) and Alex.  I’ve been really trying to lose the baby weight this time.  So I’ve been working out and trying to watch what I eat.   I’m actually only a few pounds away from losing all my Kaylee weight…and then I thought I’d tackle the 20 lbs. of Emmy weight I never got rid of! 🙂 Anyway,  I wanted to do a weight loss journal and Alex suggested doing it online.  Basically it’s a format where we can list our goals and keep track  of our progress and stuff. And most importantly be accountable to each other.  Kind of like a mini weight watchers thing.

So it’s not going to be public…for obvious reasons…but if you want to be a part of it you can register at and Alex will add you to our group.  BUT, you have to be willing to put in your information and post updates of your own!  No just getting on and looking at how much I weigh!  I mean, fair is fair.

Anyway, I’m excited and motivated!  So hopefully this will help me to stay that way!

When you’re smilin’

Okay Beth,  this one is for you! 🙂  As many of you know the baby smile can be quite elusive and hard to capture on camera!  However; over time I’ve been able to collect a few to share with y’all!

This is the “I just got home from church and Emmy is entertaining me” smile

This is the “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing” smile

This is the “Hey, look over here in the crib/Don’t forget about me” smile (I was taking some pictures of Emmy while I thought Kaylee was asleep.  Emmy had gotten into my makeup and we were laughing about it and all of a sudden I heard Kaylee just cracking up and kicking frantically in her crib as if to say, “Hey take a picture of me”…so I did!)

This is the “I have no teeth” smile  (Kaylee gives the cutest wide mouth smiles!)

This is the “Mom, really, enough with the camera” smile

Fashion Divas!

So my new favorite thing in life is to dress Emmy and Kaylee in matching themes!  It’s like the funnest thing ever!  Luckily I have several family members who are more than happy to help me in my efforts!  Beth and Christina both gave them matching outfits for Christmas, and of course my mom gives us plenty of clothes too! (That’s what Grandmas are for!)  Anyway here are some pictures!

Aunt Beth gave us these first two!  Emmy asks to wear her princess jacket every day!  Consequently it also spends a lot of time in the hamper.   So Emmy helps keep Mom on task when it comes to doing laundry!  Kaylee’s shirt also says princess on it!  And they both really are princesses!  Also, thanks to Kath for taking these pictures for me!  The pose Emmy is doing cracks me up because that is the pose I did in every picture between the ages of 5 and 8!  Funny!

Aunt Christina gave us these little onesies for Christmas!  Kaylee’s says” little dear” and Emmy’s says “sealed with a kiss”.  Get it, get it???

Here’s a closeup of Kaylee’s little dear shirt!  She really is a little dear!

Grandma Layman gave us these matching headbands!  Emmy was really excited to wear them and she had to sit right next to Kaylee while they wore them!   Emmy gets really preoccupied with making sure that Kaylee is looking at the camera and so she is always pushing on Kaylee’s head (in fact you can see this in the pictures in their Aunt Christina outfits).  Anyway, so we’ve been working on just putting our arm around Kaylee instead!  Emmy did it all by herself this time and they looked so cute cuddling on mom and dad’s bed I had to get some pictures!

Cutie pies!  Also random side note: Kaylee is wearing the outfit Emmy came home from the hospital in!  Kaylee fills it out better though! 🙂