So I’d previously mentioned that it was like a blizzard the week Kaylee was born, but here are the pictures.  Emmy stayed at my parents’ house while we were the hospital and it ended up being a snow day for the Lab!  So Emmy got to enjoy her last day as the only Layman grandchild by playing outside with my family and she had a lot of fun!

“I wanna play!”

Emmy rode on the snow shovel

Aunt Annah and Uncle Christian took good care of Emmy all week!

I thought this picture was really cute of Emmy and my mom!  I like the snowy trees in the background too!

We got a foot overnight!

Emmy and her Papa

I think Emmy threw a snowball at herself!

Emmy’s so cute all bundled up!  She was so excited to wear that little scarf.  I think someone gave it to her as a gift before she was even born!

Alex took these two pictures at our house before we headed over to the hospital.  Also, I don’t think we’ve ever posted a picture of the outside of our house.  So…here it is!  Alex had to shovel that walk about 20 times so that his prego wife wouldn’t slip on the way to the car!