Another mom in our ward has two girls who are the same distance apart as Emmy and Kaylee so she lent us these matching Christmas dresses that her girls used to wear!  They were so cute and I was worried they wouldn’t get a chance to wear them to church (since Kaylee was born so close to Christmas).  So I had Annah and Christina do a photo shoot with them.  We did end up making it to church the week after Christmas so they did get to wear them for all to see!!

Emmy and Kaylee learning how to be sisters from two professional sisters!  Aunt Annah and Aunt Christina!


Emmy and Grandma.  Emmy has a sneaky look on her face…

Kaylee and Grandma Layman

Let me just rearrange these for you mom…

“Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and “Frosty the Snowman” are her two favorite Christmas songs.  During the week Kaylee was born she made my mom and Christian watch Frosty about 50 times and would look out the window and call “Frosty, where are you??”  And on occasion she still makes us sing the “Santa Claus to Town” song for her at bedtime!

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  1. Okay how cute are the matching dresses?

    And even better that you could borrow them to get lots of pictures and then return them. Fabulous.

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