Ice Skating!

Alex took Ice Hockey almost every semester he was at BYU so he loves ice skating!  I myself am horrible at it, so I usually let Alex pull me around the rink a few times and then I sit and watch him speed around everyone!  This year we went as a family and invited another family from the ward to go too.  All the kids had a really fun time!

This time I had the perfect excuse to just watch (seeing as I was only 2 weeks postpartum). So Alex asked Emmy if she wanted to be his skating partner and she did!  Alex took her around a couple times and she did great!  She was very focused the whole time and we worried if she was having fun, but as soon as she sat down afterward she told me how great it was and was just beaming that she had done it!  Good job Emmy!

Alex, Christina and Annah helping Emmy skate!

Here she comes…

She had a giant smile on her face and someone walked in front of me right when I snapped the picture…so this is the best one I got!  But she is cute all bundled up even without the smile! Alex looks pretty darn cute in the picture too!  What a fun Daddy!

Here’s the whole crew!  Christian kept Emmy and me company on the bench while we drank hot chocolate!

3 thoughts on “Ice Skating!

  1. Next time you’re getting out there on the ice, Julia. No more using “I’m just a few weeks postpartum” as an excuse. Also, where are Christian and Emmy looking in that last picture?

  2. Look at that cute family! Way to go Emmy (and props to Alex.)

    Can I use the “I’m five and half years postpartum” as an excuse not to iceskate. It’s not the skating, it’s the falling. It will happen and it just hurts more, the older I get.

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