Happy Valentine’s Day!

We had a pretty low key Valentine’s day this year!  One of Alex’s presents was sleeping in so I played with the girls downstairs in the morning.   Our ward did secret valentine’s families this year.  So that afternoon we got our present together and ran it over to our secret family.  Afterward we had our usual v-day meal: Baked linguini, rolls, triple chocolate bundt cake, and some kind of drink in fancy glasses.  Emmy really liked the fancy glasses!

Here are the Valentine’s outfits my mom sent the girls!  Emmy wasn’t really in a picture taking mood so this is the best one we got!  Can you believe Kaylee is wearing a  6 month outfit!  She is growing so fast!

Emmy and Daddy on their dinner date!

Our lovely meal!

I promise we are only  drinking juice!  I thought this picture was funny!


Here’s a pic of the cake!  Alex has it every father’s day, birthday, anniversary and Valentine’s day.  Emmy got some strawberry shortcake stickers and magnets (complements of the Target dollar section).  Alex got some silly golf balls and headphones (so he can have quiet while he does his studying)…and that little piece of paper is for me.  It’s an hour back massage in town!!! I am so excited!

2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Too bad I couldn’t get Emmy to lift her pinky finger when she raised her glass (can it be called a glass if it’s plastic?). So uncivilized.

  2. I think it’s okay to call the sleepy medicine “juice”. It’s great for when you want to get a good night sleep or have an adult conversation without a commentator. We always did that and now our kids fall asleep now at the word. Very Pavlovian.

    (Just kidding about that by the way… our kids actually get riled by sleepy medicine. Sigh. It’s been a long 17 years …)

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