Fun with the Givens/Bakers!

Beth and Nathan got to stay the entire week between Christmas and New Year’s so Emmy and Kaylee got to play with their cousins a lot!  We had a lot of fun and here are the pictures to prove it!

The day after Christmas we got together to watch Wall-E.  Emmy finally decided it was okay to share her new Dora chair so here is Josh relaxing while watching the movie.

Kaylee being cute in her little bonnet!

Here’s all the kids playing Mario Kart Wii! It was fun having so many people to play with because I always beat Alex…so I was ready for a challenge! 🙂 (that’s just to see if he’s reading the blog)

Here’s Alex and Logan boxing.  Hey Logan, pick on someone your own size!

Even Kaylee got in on the Wii action!  She is so good she can play with her eyes shut!

Josh and Emmy hard at work!

“Hello Josh, it’s me Emmy!  How is your side of the step?”  This was funny to watch because Nathan has a nice blackberry from work and Emmy kept trading Josh our old cell phone for the new blackberry.   She loves to be accessorized with the latest technology!  Just imagine when she is a teenager!  Sheesh!

Emmy sneaking a peek at Kaylee over Daddy’s shoulder

Alex’s friend Albert was in town for the holidays and so everyone went out to eat at the China Moon!  Emmy had the flu so we didn’t get to go!  But they all had fun and got to eat delicious food!

I got Emmy this basketball hoop at the big resale they have in Los Alamos every year and it was a big hit at Christmas!  Someone even taught Emmy to say “SLAM DUNK”.

Logan and Emmy rocking out with Emmy’s new Hannah Montana microphone from Grandma Baker!