December Happenings…

Los Alamos has lots of fun community events all year round but especially at Christmas!  This year we didn’t get to go out to too many but we hit a few!  Here are some pictures from around town!

These first two are from when we decorated the Christmas Tree!  Emmy and Daddy put the star on top! It’s so crazy to think Kaylee still wasn’t born when we did this!

Grandpa and Grandma Layman bought Emmy a little tree for her bedroom!  After we set it up downstairs she gave it a huge hug and tried to carry it up by herself!

Here’s a three generation picture at the Los Alamos Light Parade Spectacular!

This last one is a picture of the best float of the night!  Many of the buses that travel around town look like trolley cars so the transportation dept. used those to build the Polar Express.  They made it look like they were hooked together using lights!

Hmmm…this might just be the worst picture of me ever!  But I wanted to include it because this was a really fun day.  This was taken the week I was due and we hadn’t gone out very much.  Emmy was so excited when I told her we were going out for a girls day with my mom!   There were a bunch of Holiday craft fairs around town and our church was putting on it’s annual Creche (that’s a fancy word for Nativity which I’d never heard until I moved here) Show.  So she got all dressed up in her new Christmas outfit and was running around the house all crazy and happy!!  Emmy loves to shop!!

And finally here is Emmy meeting Santa!  Considering she was screaming her guts out last year she did really well!  Alex said she would only whisper to Santa and she told him she wanted a cake for Christmas!  Santa laughed really hard.  Emmy came to tell Kaylee and I all about it in the hospital!  It was the first time she told a story that was like several sentences long.  She told about Santa, and candy canes, and daddy!   Now she tells long stories all the time!  Her vocabulary is totally exploding…it’s so fun!