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Christmas Morning!

This was the first year Emmy understood what happened Christmas morning so it was really fun!  She could barely get to sleep at night so she was kind of tired the next morning.  We were supposed to be at the Bakers’ by 9:00 so we finally had to wake Emmy up.  She jumped right up and started saying SANTA CLAUS,  SANTA CLAUS!!  A couple of Emmy’s presents were pretty big so Santa left them at our house instead of the Bakers’.  Emmy got a brand new big girl bed and a crib and high chair set for her dolls.  She was really excited and we captured it all on video…but forgot to take pictures!  But we did snap some shots of her bed once it was all set up!  I’ll post those later.

After we opened the couple presents here at home we went to the Baker’s where Santa had brought the rest of our Christmas!  It was fun to see all of the kids so excited!  And the big kids (like Alex and I) were pretty excited too!!

The tree was up on a table to keep little hands away (which I thought was a great idea!) and then the presents were piled up from floor to the top of the table (which the kids thought was also pretty awesome!)

Emmy trying to carry a bunch of her presents at once!  We had to convince her to set down every toy after she opened it so that she could open the next one.  She just wanted to hold them all in her arms!

Kaylee and I relaxing in the big comfy chair!

Emmy opening Wall-E.  She had been asking for this ever since she saw it in the theater.  Her cousins are also very big Wall-E fans and they got it for Christmas too!

Emmy, Logan and Joshua thanking Grandma and Grandpa for all their new toys!!

Kaylee enjoying her Christmas morning pacifier while the rest of us enjoyed yummy waffles that Kath made.

Joshua and Emmy checking out Emmy’s present from Uncle Ray!

“It’s just what I wanted!!”  Logan was so excited when he opened this toy that he had to play with it right away!  That Santa is so good at knowing just what a little boy would want!

Emmy quickly set up all her toys in a giant circle around her!  The Dora chair was also a Christmas present…so she was surrounded!

“I feel pretty…oh so pretty”  Her ponies came with a mirror, combs, and bunch of barrettes that can also be used for people!  She loves to play beauty shop which is probably why Santa picked this particular box of ponies!  The barrettes even clip into Daddy’s hair which was so exciting!

When I was little my Aunt made us a puppet stage like this one.  Last year Kath got all her grandchildren sesame street puppets  so I thought it would be fun to make a stage for my girls and Beth’s boys.  This one is Kaylee’s and Emmy’s and they all had fun playing with it.  They are really easy and affordable to make so if anyone wants to know how to do it let me know.

Josh and Emmy playing Sesame Street!

Christmas Eve

Beth and Nathan brought their boys down for Christmas so all of the Baker’s were here!! It was very fun to see them and Emmy had a blast playing with her cousins!  It was also great because they got to meet Kaylee right away!  Here’s some pictures from when they came!  (Beth and Alex took a lot of these since I was kind of occupied with Kaylee…THANKS GUYS!)

We went over and had dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Baker’s house for Christmas Eve.  Here’s Joshua meeting his brand new cousin!

Logan and Emmy taking a rest from practicing for the Nativity pageant!  Everyone loves the big chair at Grandma and Grandpa’s!  They were really cute as you will see in a few pics from now…

I looked high and low for pajamas that would span between newborn and 2T.  I finally found some really cute ones at The Children’s place online.  They actually had matching adult pajamas too but Alex drew the line there.  Maybe next year!

Here they are, straight from Bethlehem!!  Mary, Joseph and Donkey!

And what nativity would be complete without a shepherd!  I think he was also the innkeeper and all three wise men.  Joshua’s next gig will be a one man show on Broadway!

See I told you they were super cute in their pageant!  Beth read the story out of the New Testament while the kids acted it out!  We have a video of them too…but you’ll have to come visit us to see it!  It also stars Kaylee as baby Jesus.  Now if that doesn’t get people to come visit Los Alamos I don’t know what will! 🙂

December Happenings…

Los Alamos has lots of fun community events all year round but especially at Christmas!  This year we didn’t get to go out to too many but we hit a few!  Here are some pictures from around town!

These first two are from when we decorated the Christmas Tree!  Emmy and Daddy put the star on top! It’s so crazy to think Kaylee still wasn’t born when we did this!

Grandpa and Grandma Layman bought Emmy a little tree for her bedroom!  After we set it up downstairs she gave it a huge hug and tried to carry it up by herself!

Here’s a three generation picture at the Los Alamos Light Parade Spectacular!

This last one is a picture of the best float of the night!  Many of the buses that travel around town look like trolley cars so the transportation dept. used those to build the Polar Express.  They made it look like they were hooked together using lights!

Hmmm…this might just be the worst picture of me ever!  But I wanted to include it because this was a really fun day.  This was taken the week I was due and we hadn’t gone out very much.  Emmy was so excited when I told her we were going out for a girls day with my mom!   There were a bunch of Holiday craft fairs around town and our church was putting on it’s annual Creche (that’s a fancy word for Nativity which I’d never heard until I moved here) Show.  So she got all dressed up in her new Christmas outfit and was running around the house all crazy and happy!!  Emmy loves to shop!!

And finally here is Emmy meeting Santa!  Considering she was screaming her guts out last year she did really well!  Alex said she would only whisper to Santa and she told him she wanted a cake for Christmas!  Santa laughed really hard.  Emmy came to tell Kaylee and I all about it in the hospital!  It was the first time she told a story that was like several sentences long.  She told about Santa, and candy canes, and daddy!   Now she tells long stories all the time!  Her vocabulary is totally exploding…it’s so fun!


So I’d previously mentioned that it was like a blizzard the week Kaylee was born, but here are the pictures.  Emmy stayed at my parents’ house while we were the hospital and it ended up being a snow day for the Lab!  So Emmy got to enjoy her last day as the only Layman grandchild by playing outside with my family and she had a lot of fun!

“I wanna play!”

Emmy rode on the snow shovel

Aunt Annah and Uncle Christian took good care of Emmy all week!

I thought this picture was really cute of Emmy and my mom!  I like the snowy trees in the background too!

We got a foot overnight!

Emmy and her Papa

I think Emmy threw a snowball at herself!

Emmy’s so cute all bundled up!  She was so excited to wear that little scarf.  I think someone gave it to her as a gift before she was even born!

Alex took these two pictures at our house before we headed over to the hospital.  Also, I don’t think we’ve ever posted a picture of the outside of our house.  So…here it is!  Alex had to shovel that walk about 20 times so that his prego wife wouldn’t slip on the way to the car!