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So we finally got all of our pictures re-sized and organized so I can do all my December blog posts!! YEAH! So, even though I already did a post on Kaylee’s birth I wanted to share the rest of the hospital pics.  Hope you all enjoy! I know there are a TON of pictures…but I slimmed them down as much as I could…you know how it is! 🙂

Kaylee’s First photo!! So cute!

Mom meeting Kaylee

Dad Meeting Kaylee (Alex is teary eyed…success)

Grandma Layman meeting Kaylee (my mom was there for the birth)

I was so excited to take this picture!  We didn’t get to take one like this with Emmy (for obvious reasons)  So I kept telling Alex, I just want everything to go well with the birth and then we can take one of those pictures where we look at each other all cheesy like and smile into the camera!  And we did!

Emmy had a doctor’s appointment downstairs that day so she got to meet Kaylee within minutes of her being born!  She isn’t quite sure what to make of the baby on mom’s lap in this picture!

Emmy wanted to hold Kaylee immediately.  I looks like Kaylee is screaming but it’s just a yawn.  Emmy was so excited for her new sister!! The first thing she said to her was “Hi baby, want to go home?”  Which was then followed by “Want some milk?”.  Then she felt that Kaylee  wasn’t wearing a diaper yet and said “Want a diaper?”  What a good little helper! The first thing she said when we got home was “Okay Kaylee, come play dolls with me”…Just a few more months!

Emmy and Aunt Annah brought Kaylee a surprise from the gift shop too!!

Aunt Annah meets Kaylee

Grandma Kath meets Kaylee

Kath only got about 10 seconds of holding Kaylee before Emmy NEEDED to sit on her lap too!!

Uncle Christian meets Kaylee

Just needed another picture of Jabba the Mom (Don’t you just love post-birth pictures…everyone gets to look cute except the mom)

Grandpa Layman meets Kaylee

SO FUN!  When the nurses got done weighing and measuring her they dressed her up in a Christmas stocking and gave her this little hat!

Grandpa Baker meets Kaylee!

Uncle Ray meets Kaylee!

The Fabulous Baker Girls

My dad was feeling sick the day that Kaylee was born.  So he came for a special visit the next day so that he could finally hold her!

Alex had finals all week so he didn’t stay with us in the hospital.  But Emmy and Daddy visited each day!  They were looking particularly Christmas-y this day so we snapped a picture!

Sisters have lots of important things to talk about!

Emmy eating a bagel!

Kaylee eating her fist!