Kaylee’s Birth (A mother’s perspective)


So Alex got to tell most of the story already but I thought I’d do my own blog post about how everything went!  It was a cold an snowy night….haha.  It really was though!  There was a giant snowstorm on the 15th and 16th and I was all worried we wouldn’t get to the hospital okay so Alex would get up in the middle of the night and shovel the car out just in case!  I had been having contractions every ten minutes for about 2 days so finally on my appointment on the 16th (5 days after Kaylee was due) I asked Dr. Combs to break my water and get things started.  So we went in that night and they hooked me up to the monitors and got me all checked in to have the baby the next day.  Alex had a final the next morning at 9:00 so Annah stayed in the hospital with me. Around 4 oclock I woke up and my contractions were like 5 minutes apart and getting harder.  So the nurse checked me around 6 in the morning and I had already dilated to a 4 by myself.  So they broke my water around 9 and gave me a little pitocin and a nice little epidural around 11:00 and we were ready to roll! Alex got done with his final at 11:30 and rushed over to the hospital.  My mom had come to stay with me that morning and so I asked her if she wanted to stay for the birth!  It was really neat to have her there with Alex and I.  I started pushing around one  and apparently I yelled a lot of silly things and I kept saying that someone was going to have to think of another way to get her out.  But after 40 minutes of pushing she came the old fashioned way and I was soooo relieved to hear a nice healthy cry right away!  (Since we didn’t hear that with Emmy) Anyway, Kaylee was 8 lbs. 1 oz. and 20 inches even.


Since Kaylee was a little postmature there was a lot of meconium in the water and she had swallowed a lot so they suctioned her out really good and things were fine.  She had a lot down in her nose though so she wasn’t breathing as well as they wanted. So they put her on some oxygen for a few days and we finally got to come home on the 20th!


It was so great to experience what childbirth can be like when there isn’t a major emergency!  Emmy actually had a doctor’s appointment downstairs while I was in labor.  Since Alex and I were a little busy she went with Annah and got her new orthodics fit to her feet.  She finished up about 5 minutes after Kaylee was born so she got to come up and see her!  She was so excited.  At first she was  a little timid.  So we put her and Kaylee both on daddy’s lap and she gave her a big hug and kiss.  Then she asked Kaylee if she wanted to go home.  Wanted some milk.  Wanted a diaper.  Etc.  She is a great big sister!  When we got home the first thing she said was “Kaylee come play dolls with me” so we had to explain it would be a little while before Kaylee would be able to play with Emmy’s toys.  But it was nice that Emmy wanted to share!


After Kaylee met her big sister she got to meet all of her grandparents and Aunt Annah, Uncle Christian and Uncle Ray.  Aunt Beth, Uncle Nathan, Logan, Joshua, and Aunt Christina came to see her when they got in to town for Christmas.  It was really fun to have so many family members there!

Well, I wanted to put the hopital pictures in here but all the hospital pictures were taken with my mom’s camera and I’m having trouble getting them to upload so I’ll have to add them later…and by me, I mean Alex will add them later!

7 thoughts on “Kaylee’s Birth (A mother’s perspective)

  1. I’m so glad we got to meet Kaylee so soon after she was born! And I’m so, so glad she arrived here healthy and safe despite the snow and the finals and the general nervousness.

    And I’m glad you included that picture of you nine months pregnant — you look great! And also, I like your sweatshirt (I am wearing its twin RIGHT NOW). 😉

  2. Yay! I love hearing the birth story from your point of you. How very organized to deliver AFTER the final and to have a Dr appointment on the same day for Emmy. You have beautiful girls!

  3. @Beth
    So that picture of me was taken in the parking lot of the hospital right before I checked in! And I wear that sweater like everyday! I am glad we are sweatshirt twins! I am going to post the Christmas pictures soon so look forward to those (even though you probably took most of them…thanks for helping me blog!!!)

    Organized? Disorganized? What’s the difference really! Next time for a real challenge I am going to attempt to give birth while I take a final and get fitted for orthodics! Bring it on!

  4. She is so beautiful. It is fabulous to have 2 sisters close as you know. Joanne & Stacy were 5 years a part but were and still are very close. Happiness to your family from ours. We love the pictures. Aunt Dixie

  5. Julia, thanks so much for sharing the story and for the pictures! Kaylee is beautiful and so is Emmy with her cute pigtails. That is really sweet that Alex kept shoveling out the car just in case. You sound like you are doing wonderfully with the girls. Keep those pictures coming!

  6. p.s. It looks like you got a van! Can I ask what kind and why? One of these days we might possibly get one:). And I changed your guys’ blog name on my blogroll to Julia and Alex plus one ++:). It’s official!

  7. The van isn’t really ours… at least not yet. It’s my parents’ Honda Odyssey. We really like it, and they don’t use it a lot, so we’re borrowing for now. It really helped when Julia was pregnant, because it was a pain to get kids in and out. There’s a good chance we may buy it from them soon, because I get sad when I think about giving it back. 🙂

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