Trunk or Treat and Yabba dabba doo!

Here are some pictures from Trunk or Treat!  We went as the Flintstones! For not being much of a seamstress I was happy with how they turned out!  You’ve gotta love felt!  It is easy to put together!  My friend Angela even helped me because I couldn’t kneel on the floor long enough to cut them all out!  Ahhh, pregnancy! It was really fun!

Just ignore the giant white marshmallow that made her way into the front of some of these pictures!  It was funny becuase some of the little kids would try and guess what I was…not always so complementary!  🙂 I would tell them I was a flintstone and some of them were like “what’s a flintstone?” which kind of made me feel old…as well as marshmallowish.

Here’s our trunk!  We do the same thing each year but add something new!  This year we added some music!  Alex got some kids halloween tunes and made a cd.  So we got the “most rockin” award…which came with a big snickers bar for Alex!  Yum!

Emmy makes a pretty cute pebbles!

Anyway, we had a fun time and then we came home for some yearly ghost pie!  Kath was in Albuquerque for her birthday so we celebrated her bday that night too!

Emmy had a great time with all her family and loves her candy!

2 thoughts on “Trunk or Treat and Yabba dabba doo!

  1. I love the Flintstone costumes! You guys looked great. And, I don’t think you look like a marshmallow. Cute Wilma! Anyway…Love the blogroll, I just checked my blog and saw that you posted this 4 minutes ago. Cute pictures!

  2. Okay, clearly Cathie has given birth to a domestic goddess! I love the ghost pie! The back of your car looks fantastic.

    Oh, paranoid mom moment – you might want to block out your license plate number 🙂 on the off chance that someone without scruples stumbles across your blog.

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