October Fun

Since I am getting big and tired the last part of this pregnancy I’ve been trying to keep Emmy entertained with crafts and cooking.  My mom sent us this little kit last year and Emmy had tons of fun putting all the stickers on!

Emmy made some sugar cookies to give out!   She had lots of fun rolling out the dough!  She was more into eating her bowl of frosting than using it on cookies though so her dad frosted them for her.

Here we are carving pumpkins!  Alex didn’t finish his until the next night so we were going to take a picture of the finished product then…but we forgot…so you’ll just have to imagine how awesome they turned out!  Emmy helped Alex draw his pumpkins face so it looked great!  I found these Mr. Potato head kits for pumpkins so Emmy and I made hers a princess!

2 thoughts on “October Fun

  1. Wow! I can’t believe how big Emmy is getting! She’s such a big girl now! Way to go with the sugar cookies. I thought about making them, but didn’t feel like putting forth the effort. 🙂

  2. I believe this post is one of the reasons I said domestic goddess. Gees! And I totally regret that I didn’t buy the potato head pumpkin kits! Curses! Especially now that I see how cute yours is!

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