Emmy’s Aunt Christina bought this witch outfit for her birthday!  It’s super flashy because it’s straight from the Vegas strip!! 🙂 Every year Los Alamos businesses pass out candy outside their stores so that is where most people go trick or treating.  We took Emmy to the banks and some of the stores and her little pail was pretty much filled with candy!  She was super excited before and after but while we out she just looked totally dazed!  She couldn’t take it all in fast enough!  Afterward we went over to my dad’s and watched a movie.  Emmy told Grandpa all about trick or treating and even convinced him to let her have some more candy!

So I got this idea out of a little halloween recipe and craft book my mom got me!  They are pretty cute.  But funny story: So we kept calling them Mummy dogs but Emmy doesn’t know what a mummy is.  She thought they were really awesome when we pulled them out of the oven but she wouldn’t eat any and she just kept saying “mom” over and over again.  So we finally figured out she thought they were “Mommy dogs” and she didn’t want to eat mommy.  We finally convinced her it was okay and so she gobbled it up!  Anyway, she is funny!

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  1. I love your Flintstones Family, too. I always wanted to do that when we had just two kids, but never did. Sigh. The moment is gone now. Your mummy dogs are the best ones I have seen. And Emmy is beyond darling. Seriously, I love her smile! Good job!

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