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A New Addition and a New Name

We need your help! Julia’s due date is less than a month away, and we haven’t thought of a name yet. OK, let me be more specific. We’ve had the baby’s name for a few months now (her name is Kaylee), but we don’t have a new name for our blog! You see, this blog was created just before Emmy was born, but “Julia and Alex plus one” only works for a family of three. So let’s hear it! What should our new blog name be?

What should we name our blog?

  • Julia and Alex plus fun (38%, 6 Votes)
  • Julia and Alex plus two (31%, 5 Votes)
  • Julia, Alex, and two wild and crazy girls (19%, 3 Votes)
  • Julia and Alex plus one plus one (13%, 2 Votes)
  • Julia and Alex plus one++ (0%, 0 Votes)
  • You shouldn't even have a blog (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Something else (write it in the comments) (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 16

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So I wanted a new facebook profile picture but I’m always the one taking the pictures so I couldn’t find one of me.  So I decided to let Alex take a good pregnancy picture of me.   I still have some people who say “I didn’t know you were expecting”!  Which is really funny…becuase I looked pregnant at like 3 months when I was pregnant with Emmy and I only have 1 month to go with Kaylee (Woohoo!).  Anyway, so I’ve been trying to dress more pregnant like so people will know that I am expecting and not just getting giant!  I think this black shirt pretty much screams….PREGNANT! 🙂


Emmy’s Aunt Christina bought this witch outfit for her birthday!  It’s super flashy because it’s straight from the Vegas strip!! 🙂 Every year Los Alamos businesses pass out candy outside their stores so that is where most people go trick or treating.  We took Emmy to the banks and some of the stores and her little pail was pretty much filled with candy!  She was super excited before and after but while we out she just looked totally dazed!  She couldn’t take it all in fast enough!  Afterward we went over to my dad’s and watched a movie.  Emmy told Grandpa all about trick or treating and even convinced him to let her have some more candy!

So I got this idea out of a little halloween recipe and craft book my mom got me!  They are pretty cute.  But funny story: So we kept calling them Mummy dogs but Emmy doesn’t know what a mummy is.  She thought they were really awesome when we pulled them out of the oven but she wouldn’t eat any and she just kept saying “mom” over and over again.  So we finally figured out she thought they were “Mommy dogs” and she didn’t want to eat mommy.  We finally convinced her it was okay and so she gobbled it up!  Anyway, she is funny!

Trunk or Treat and Yabba dabba doo!

Here are some pictures from Trunk or Treat!  We went as the Flintstones! For not being much of a seamstress I was happy with how they turned out!  You’ve gotta love felt!  It is easy to put together!  My friend Angela even helped me because I couldn’t kneel on the floor long enough to cut them all out!  Ahhh, pregnancy! It was really fun!

Just ignore the giant white marshmallow that made her way into the front of some of these pictures!  It was funny becuase some of the little kids would try and guess what I was…not always so complementary!  🙂 I would tell them I was a flintstone and some of them were like “what’s a flintstone?” which kind of made me feel old…as well as marshmallowish.

Here’s our trunk!  We do the same thing each year but add something new!  This year we added some music!  Alex got some kids halloween tunes and made a cd.  So we got the “most rockin” award…which came with a big snickers bar for Alex!  Yum!

Emmy makes a pretty cute pebbles!

Anyway, we had a fun time and then we came home for some yearly ghost pie!  Kath was in Albuquerque for her birthday so we celebrated her bday that night too!

Emmy had a great time with all her family and loves her candy!

October Fun

Since I am getting big and tired the last part of this pregnancy I’ve been trying to keep Emmy entertained with crafts and cooking.  My mom sent us this little kit last year and Emmy had tons of fun putting all the stickers on!

Emmy made some sugar cookies to give out!   She had lots of fun rolling out the dough!  She was more into eating her bowl of frosting than using it on cookies though so her dad frosted them for her.

Here we are carving pumpkins!  Alex didn’t finish his until the next night so we were going to take a picture of the finished product then…but we forgot…so you’ll just have to imagine how awesome they turned out!  Emmy helped Alex draw his pumpkins face so it looked great!  I found these Mr. Potato head kits for pumpkins so Emmy and I made hers a princess!