Someone’s in the kitchen with mommy…

Emmy has really been wanting to help me cook for a while…so I decided that I would make some banana bread and let her help!  She mashed the bananas, added ingredients, and greased the pans for me! She was soooo excited.   She named each of the loaves too.  One for mom, one for dad, one for Emmy, one for Kaylee (which I think technically means I get two!), and the rest for her Grandpas!!  🙂 She had to check it every ten minutes while it was baking…so luckily it wasn’t anything too temperamental! When the buzzer finally went off she ran around the room laughing and then straight for the kitchen!  As you can see, she enjoyed eating it too!  (Please excuse the fact that she is still in her pajamas and her hair is crazy…I looked the same way…hence I’m not in the pictures…Just one of those days)

2 thoughts on “Someone’s in the kitchen with mommy…

  1. Emmy, you are adorable. I bet your mom is, too, even if she declines being in pictures. (But yeah, I know how that goes. Pajama day!)

    What a good little helper! I don’t know if you remember the picture I have of Logan “helping” me cook at age 2. Oats on the floor, everywhere. I had to postpone the cooking activities until age 3. He’s much better about it now!

    Also, in case Grandpa Max isn’t around to eat his banana bread, you can just send it to me. 😀

  2. I love these pictures, especially the one of Emmy mashing the bananas. I made banana bread last week and could have really used some help 🙂

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