Corndogs on the back porch

These pictures are from last month but I thought they were cute so I’m adding them now.  Travis, Lucas and Emmy played outside and had some lunch!  Emmy ate her first corndog!  She even asks for them by name now!  It sounds like this “IWANNACORNDOG”.  Kind of like one long word!  And being the tired pregnant mom that I am…I am always happy to oblige.  They are a fast lunch fix…and if I add some fruit I feel like one of those health moms.  Not to mention I choose Jif 🙂

3 thoughts on “Corndogs on the back porch

  1. Mmmm. IWANNACORNDOG! — that’s a good motto. 😉

    Julia, your Jif comment cracked me up. I feed Joshua corndogs — sans fruit, even — so I guess I’d better go stock up on the good peanut butter, at least.

  2. We miss you guys so much!! I wish we could come visit and see Emmy again! Thank you so much for the updates! I love the pictures and all the little stories to go along with them!! These made my day and helped me keep my patience while Lilly puttered around in her room for hours instead of going to sleep:).

    We’re not coming home for Christmas this year. Very sad, but gas/travel is too much for us. We’re hoping for next year, but then Lilly will be old enough that we’ll have to buy her a plane ticket too! Maybe we’ll be out west again soon!

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