Daily Archives: October 8, 2008

Dress up

I made our Halloween costumes last week and Emmy loves them!  She is going to be Pebbles Flintstone and her entourage (aka Alex and I) will be Fred and pregnant Wilma.  So look forward to Halloween pictures!  Anyway, she wants to wear her outfit and put her hair in a ponytail everyday since I tried her costume on.  So, in order to preserve her Halloween costume I got out all her princess dress ups (hooray for freecycle) and she has been wearing a different one each day.  Her Tinkerbell costume is the most poofy…so it gets picked the most!  Anyway, here is the little fairy princess in action!

Someone’s in the kitchen with mommy…

Emmy has really been wanting to help me cook for a while…so I decided that I would make some banana bread and let her help!  She mashed the bananas, added ingredients, and greased the pans for me! She was soooo excited.   She named each of the loaves too.  One for mom, one for dad, one for Emmy, one for Kaylee (which I think technically means I get two!), and the rest for her Grandpas!!  🙂 She had to check it every ten minutes while it was baking…so luckily it wasn’t anything too temperamental! When the buzzer finally went off she ran around the room laughing and then straight for the kitchen!  As you can see, she enjoyed eating it too!  (Please excuse the fact that she is still in her pajamas and her hair is crazy…I looked the same way…hence I’m not in the pictures…Just one of those days)

“It’s My Chair!”

These pictures were just in case you were still wondering if Emmy was a goofy kid or not!  She sure is!  These pictures depict some of her favorite things to do!  1) Take over the lazy boy chair 2) Completely surround herself in toys 3) Wear her totally awesome sunglasses and 4) put socks on her hands!  I thinks she gets it from her dad!

Corndogs on the back porch

These pictures are from last month but I thought they were cute so I’m adding them now.  Travis, Lucas and Emmy played outside and had some lunch!  Emmy ate her first corndog!  She even asks for them by name now!  It sounds like this “IWANNACORNDOG”.  Kind of like one long word!  And being the tired pregnant mom that I am…I am always happy to oblige.  They are a fast lunch fix…and if I add some fruit I feel like one of those health moms.  Not to mention I choose Jif 🙂