Emmy’s Curly Hair

So it seems that Emmy has inherited some curly here from somewhere (her dad, obviously). She loves getting her hair done, though – especially for church. Maybe that’s because she’s making some good (boy) friends in her nursery class?


5 thoughts on “Emmy’s Curly Hair

  1. Emmy is such a cutie-patootie!! I love that curly hair. The headband is soooo sassy! Love it!

    (It can be a hit and miss, none of my kids got Larry’s curls – choking sob.)

  2. Love love love getting Lilly all dolled up. It is so much fun!:)…although it usually doesn’t last very long. So glad Emmy is enjoying it! She is so cute!

  3. Julia, How are you? I want to hear how your pregnancy is going!! How far along are you now? What’s your due date? Are you getting super excited? Is Emmy excited too? I’m going to have to call you:):).

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