Emmy vs. Mario Kart

We just got Mario Kart this weekend (a delayed Father’s Day present, but it was only delayed because nobody had it in stock anywhere), and Emmy seems to enjoy it. Several times over the past two days she has brought the Wii Wheel controllers to us and asked us to play with her. Sometimes she even likes to play the game – she doesn’t quite have it mastered yet, but it is still our first weekend with the game. Here’s a video that shows a typical session with Emmy.

2 thoughts on “Emmy vs. Mario Kart

  1. Emmy, I’m coming over! We’ll beat Rainbow Road together!!

    Sooo cute. 🙂 And she’s walking so well!

  2. Okay, Emmy is a super star at walking. We were all watching the video and holding our breath! Go Emmy! We LOVE Mario Kart, too. I think the wheels are just icing on the cake! I am usually 11th or 12 th place, but I have fun, so, hey, someone has to lose, right?

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