Walking in Chicago!

We’re here this week in Chicago for a class and to visit family (my sister and her family live here, so we wanted to come see them and get out of New Mexico for a bit). So today we had a bit of a day to relax and try to let kids take naps… and Logan was the only one who wanted to sleep (and Nathan, too, a bit later). So now Emmy has been practicing walking! She’s pretty good here in this video. After a bit of practice, she just got better and better. Hopefully she’ll keep it up!

3 thoughts on “Walking in Chicago!

  1. way awesome. She will be going before we know it. I know it is hard for her to keep trying… but you are doing great to encourage her!

  2. Yay Emmy!! She’s doing a great job! And her hair looks REALLY curly in that video!:) How pretty!

    I hope you guys are having fun in Chicago!

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