Monthly Archives: May 2008

Visit to Chicagoland

So as we’ve said before, we’re in Chicago this week. It has been a lot of fun! I have just one more day of class, and we’ll spend more time here on Saturday, but on Sunday it’s time to go back home. We’ve had lots of fun, and Beth has been our family photographer of the week. Check out all the great Emmy pictures at her blog. Thanks, Beth! We’ve enjoyed the week, too! Emmy has definitely had fun being around her cousins. She’s walking a bit more, talking a lot more, and she always wants to play with them!

Walking in Chicago!

We’re here this week in Chicago for a class and to visit family (my sister and her family live here, so we wanted to come see them and get out of New Mexico for a bit). So today we had a bit of a day to relax and try to let kids take naps… and Logan was the only one who wanted to sleep (and Nathan, too, a bit later). So now Emmy has been practicing walking! She’s pretty good here in this video. After a bit of practice, she just got better and better. Hopefully she’ll keep it up!

Pardon the Mess… Again…


Pardon our mess while we clean up our website a bit – some of the pictures aren’t showing up right now, but we have the more recent posts fixed. Try clicking on a picture to make it bigger, or view all of our pictures by going to the Photos link at the top of the page.

It should have been really easy to find a picture of messy Emmy, but this one from Easter will have to do. We promise that more pictures are on the way, especially now since it’s summertime!