Valentine’s Day!

OK, so I realize it was more than a month ago, but these Valentine’s Day pictures are too good to pass up posting on here. Emmy has a very silly look, I dipped some strawberries in chocolate for Julia, and she made an excellent meal! It was a very nice Valentine’s day, indeed. Hopefully our next posts won’t be so long in the making… and hopefully we can get the rumored walking videos online soon!


I woke up early to dip some strawberries in chocolate for Julia. It was much easier than it looks (hey, if I can make them look like this on my first try, more people should try it). Just don’t tell Julia how easy it was or she’ll have me make them more often.


So Emmy’s a bit of a messy eater, but that’s not really a surprise. She gets really hyper when she realizes she’s always the center of attention… which just feeds the hysteria.


Julia made an excellent meal for Valentine’s day including her famous Death by Chocolate Cake and baked linguini. This picture makes me hungry.

1 thought on “Valentine’s Day!

  1. Those strawberries look delicious! I told Aaron he needed to do things like that for me:). Ha! He told me he fixes computers for me so I can blog…but in reality I think that was you too.

    Good job on the Valentine’s Day treat. I bet Julia really appreciated that. Julia’s meal looks great also, and Emmy looks cute and happy! We miss you guys! Wish we were in Los Alamos to stop by and say hi.

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