Snow the New Mexico Way

Yesterday, while everyone was gearing up for their Super Bowl activities, Mother Nature decided to give us a little snow. I say a little snow, but this was more than that. Some of you might think that New Mexico is all desert, but there are plenty of us who like to live in the mountains, at high altitute – 7500 feet to be exact. Our pre-game activities included brushing snow off of the satellite dish, and the snow kept falling all the way through the night.


This morning we had enough snow for a two-hour delay from work, and when I got home Emmy had done enough staring our the windows that she couldn’t wait to go outside and play. She especially liked making snowballs and throwing them as far as she could, which was about two feet away.


We love the snow, but we hope that tomorrow the weather is good enough that Aunt Beth and cousins Logan and Joshua can make their plane flight from Chicago!

2 thoughts on “Snow the New Mexico Way

  1. Good for her for playing outside in the snow! I haven’t had Logan (or Joshua, of course) do that yet. Logan would probably agree to it this year (previous years he didn’t want to get snowpants on, etc.).

    Weather here looks iffy again today; they canceled flights this morning already, it looks like. And we’re supposed to get a foot of snow (winter advisory starting this evening, after I am supposed to take of … we’ll see).

    I have avoided telling many people here about vacation because I don’t want to have to have the discussion … “oh, that’ll be nice and warm! Get out of all this snow!” “Well, actually, not necessarily.” “Oh really??”

    I wish we could all live in the mountains, at high altitude. That’s where I see myself in ten years. (Or is it five??)

  2. Los Alamos looks beautiful. Glad Emmy had a good time in the snow. I just wanted to second Beth’s comment about “the discussion.” I am so tired of explaining that it does get cold in New Mexico and snow, that I usually just nod my head when they make a comment and move on to the next subject. This morning, after I told the doctor that we had moved from New Mexico, she said, “wow, what a climate change. …have to get used to the cold here.” Sigh. I just nodded. Hope Emmy has fun with her cousins!!

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