A Bedtime Book

Emmy’s new favorite book is from the Care Bears, and she likes to read it almost every night. This night we actually read it twice, which is about the only variation she likes. She’s a much better sleeper these days, and she’ll even fall asleep by herself after she gets a nice long drink of water and her blanket, which she’s becoming more and more attached to, especially when she’s sad.


2 thoughts on “A Bedtime Book

  1. Cute little Emmy! She sounds like Logan, with the same books at bedtime and the special blankie (Logan MUST have his blankie to sleep and often carries it for a half-hour after his nap or so).

    So there’s a picture of a rhinoceros on your page. Hmmmmmmmm.

  2. You’re right! It’s a rhinoceros from the zoo. Emmy thought it was funny looking, so we had to put it in the gallery. Also, she loved the giraffes, as expected. She often does the rounds in her bedroom to point them all out, just like she points out all the pictures of Jesus or all the snowmen at Christmastime.

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