Monthly Archives: February 2008

Cousins Part Two

Emmy had a great time with her two cousins, Logan and Joshua. Even though they’ve been gone for over a week now, she still remembers their names and the great time they had. Hopefully it won’t be so long before we get to see them again!

Emmy and Logan watching Sesame Street!

Logan loved building and destroying towers with his Uncle Alex.

Emmy made sure to introduce Joshua to all her toys.

A Bedtime Book

Emmy’s new favorite book is from the Care Bears, and she likes to read it almost every night. This night we actually read it twice, which is about the only variation she likes. She’s a much better sleeper these days, and she’ll even fall asleep by herself after she gets a nice long drink of water and her blanket, which she’s becoming more and more attached to, especially when she’s sad.


Cousins come to visit!

Emmy’s two cousins came to visit! Logan and Joshua (and even their mom) finally got in last night after their Chicago flights were delayed a day. We had plenty of snow of our own here to greet them, and they played for a long time today with Emmy! Unfortunately, the boys were too excited for naps, but hopefully they are a little more worn out now after playing for a long time. Emmy was excited to play – we forgot our camera, but we stole a picture from Beth of the three cousins! They’ll be here all week, so expect more pictures to come. Thanks for coming to visit, Beth!


Snow the New Mexico Way

Yesterday, while everyone was gearing up for their Super Bowl activities, Mother Nature decided to give us a little snow. I say a little snow, but this was more than that. Some of you might think that New Mexico is all desert, but there are plenty of us who like to live in the mountains, at high altitute – 7500 feet to be exact. Our pre-game activities included brushing snow off of the satellite dish, and the snow kept falling all the way through the night.


This morning we had enough snow for a two-hour delay from work, and when I got home Emmy had done enough staring our the windows that she couldn’t wait to go outside and play. She especially liked making snowballs and throwing them as far as she could, which was about two feet away.


We love the snow, but we hope that tomorrow the weather is good enough that Aunt Beth and cousins Logan and Joshua can make their plane flight from Chicago!

Groundhog Day Extravaganza

Welcome to the 9th Annual Groundhog Day party! I’ve had a Groundhog Day party for nine years now, and each year we have watched the best movie of all time, Groundhog Day. The only exceptions were the two years when I was serving as a missionary in Argentina – those were really just “parties” in which my missionary companion and I got a scoop of ice cream to celebrate, because missionaries spend their time preaching the gospel instead of partying.

This years party did not disappoint, as everyone was able to enjoy the food, friends, and festivities. Grandma Baker took Emmy to the food table where little Emmy picked out all of her own foods.


Some of our friends enjoyed talking, and others were content to watch the movie. These kids took a break from their toy time to watch the Pennsylvania Polka scene.


Stay tuned next year for another great Groundhog Day party!