Fun in the Snow

Mommy took Emmy out sledding in the snow, which Emmy really loved! She even had her own little track for inner tubing out in the backyard.


Little Emmy was all bundled up for the snow! After that day, she kept pointing outside, trying to tell us that she wanted to go out and play again!

2 thoughts on “Fun in the Snow

  1. Look at her, all bundled up! So cute!

    And good for her for playing in the snow! I think I must be a bad mom but I haven’t taken Logan out in it. The first winter I tried, he bawled and bawled for some reason (too cold? Too bright?) The second winter he refused to wear the snow pants I bought him or try on boots, and I didn’t want a repeat of last year. So he’s never played in the snow, besides standing out in the driveway in New Mexico watching Daddy shovel it last year. 😛

  2. Thanks for all the comments! Yeah, Emmy really did have a lot of fun. We have a backyard here, too, so maybe I should take her outside this weekend… as long as it doesn’t all turn to ice by then, it should work great…

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