Emmy’s New Table


Sometimes it seems that little Emmy gets more new things than both of her parents combined. We got this new coffee table for Emmy to play at (her physical therapist recommended we get something like it) and so far she loves it! Best of all, it matches our kitchen table and it was also the cheapest, sturdiest one that we found! Not a bad deal, I must say.

3 thoughts on “Emmy’s New Table

  1. That table looks really nice! I like it. Mom was just telling me yesterday about your table and how nice and pretty it was. 🙂 Can’t wait see it!

  2. Yeah, she loves her table. Tonight we had a home evening lesson with Play-Doh on her table and she really loved it. The car and bus are particular favorites of hers, too. She got them mostly because she loves playing with cars (her regular playmates are all boys) and those seemed a little more girlish than some of the other options. Thanks for the comments!

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